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Latest Headlines

Firms increasingly use text messaging for employee notifications

Companies are increasingly using messaging for employee notifications, such as IT system outage alerts and emergency bulletins, explained Steve French, vice president of global product management and marketing with OpenMarket, a division of telecom software and services provider Amdocs.

Get ready for the half-decade of enterprise mobile apps

Last year, I predicted that 2015 would be the year of enterprise mobile apps. Now it looks like the next five years will be the half-decade of enterprise mobile apps. Get ready.

Poor enterprise security practices lead to sensitive data theft in the cloud

While enterprises are increasingly moving their sensitive data to the cloud, they are often not taking the necessary security precautions to keep that data safe. This has led to increasing data security loss or theft in the cloud, according to a study cloud security firm Skyhigh Networks released Tuesday.

AT&T, IBM partner on mobile cloud security for the enterprise

AT&T and IBM are teaming to give enterprises tools to secure mobile devices, apps, connectivity and data using IBM's cloud infrastructure.

Many Apple devices in the enterprise are poorly secured, unmanaged

The latest news to challenge the security bona fides of Apple devices is a survey of 2,249 U.S. workers by Dimensional Research and released Monday by Centrify. The survey found management and security shortcomings when it comes to Apple device use in the enterprise.

Infographic: Bad Wi-Fi connectivity prevents people from doing their jobs

A full 88 percent of individuals surveyed by Wi-Fi provider Xirrus use Wi-Fi at work, yet 84 percent of respondents said that bad W-Fi connectivity has kept them from doing their job.

Enterprises opting for 'off-the-shelf' when it comes to IoT

Enterprises are increasingly turning to "off-the-shelf" Internet of Things (IoT) products instead of the more expensive customized products that have characterized many enterprise IoT implementations, according to a Verizon report released Monday.

'The beacons are coming, the beacons are coming'... to the enterprise

Beacons are all the rage for large indoor and outdoor venues. But they are also making their way into the enterprise, according to Baseline Magazine article by contributor Mike Elgan.

Infographic: 95% of enterprises allow BYOD in some form

A robust 95 percent of enterprises now allow the use of employee-owned devices, and close to two-thirds of employees say that having access to work email and other business apps at all times increases their productivity, according to stats compiled by security firm Symantec in an infographic.

Malware attack complexity prompts partnerships between enterprises and MSS providers

In response to the growing complexity of malware attacks, managed security service providers are playing a more active role in malware threat remediation for enterprises in Europe, the Middle East and Africa, notes market research firm Frost & Sullivan.