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Latest Headlines

More mobile security challenges looming with Internet of Things

Enterprises face myriad security challenges from mobile devices, and it's only going to get worse with the Internet of Things, a panel of vendors warned at CTIA's Super Mobility Week.

Gartner: Top IT security tech for enterprises

Enterprises are facing increasing security risks from attackers, malicious insiders and new technologies that improve productivity but also open up security holes. Gartner advises enterprises to consider deploying the latest security technology to combat these threats.

Enterprises to make up 97% of the femtocell market by 2019, predicts ABI

Enterprises will make up a whopping 97 percent of the $4.3 billion femtocell market in 2019, far outpacing residential femtocells, according to the latest stats from ABI Research.

Enterprises in cross-hairs of DDoS attackers, says Akamai

Enterprises continue to be the leading target for distributed denial of service attacks, with 127 reported in the third quarter of 2013, according to Akamai's quarterly State of the Internet Report.

Good BYOD advice from across the Pond

Today, I came across some good BYOD advice from the UK Information Commissioner's Office, which I thought I would share with you.

Enterprises increasingly use femtocells to expand wireless coverage

Enterprise use of femtocells, which are small, low-power base stations that beef up indoor wireless coverage, is driving growth in the femtocell gear market, according to the latest stats from Infonetics Research.

Infographic: Enterprises lost in cloud when it comes to security

Enterprises appear to be lost in the cloud when it comes to cloud security, according to a study of 3 million cloud users by cloud security firm SkyHigh.

Many enterprises take 'ad hoc' approach to privacy protection, Gartner survey finds

More than one-third of enterprises are taking an "ad hoc" approach to privacy protection, a survey of 221 enterprises by Gartner found.

Forrester: Enterprises will make 18% of tablet purchases in 2017

Around 18 percent of the 381 million tablet purchases will be made directly by enterprises in 2017, according to a forecast by Forrester Research.

Enterprise demand for mobile CRM applications has more than tripled since 2007, research finds

Enterprise demand for mobile customer relationship management and sales force automation applications has more than tripled over the past five years, according to a recent report by the Yankee Group.