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Latest Headlines

US, Europe have been working on Safe Harbor 2.0 for years, says FTC Commissioner

U.S. and European leaders have in fact been working on the new version of the Safe Harbor data privacy agreement since around 2013, Julie Brill, commissioner with the Federal Trade Commission said on Thursday.

US cedes surveillance ground, creates Euro-privacy ombudsman to forge Safe Harbor 2.0

The U.S. and EU have reached an agreement on cross-Atlantic data transfers, an eleventh-hour deal that heads off the restrictive regulations law enforcement agencies would have imposed starting Wednesday.

Missed chance for Safe Harbor 2.0 means we'll likely see stricter EU data privacy rules

The deadline to reach a deal on data transfer rules between the U.S. and EU came and passed Sunday evening without a new agreement in place.

US lawmakers scramble as time runs out to resurrect Safe Harbor

With the January deadline for Safe Harbor 2.0 looming, U.S. lawmakers are scrambling to address some of the key concerns that led to the agreement's demise. Last minute legislative deals seek to address the EU's problems, though it could be too little too late.

Microsoft's new German data center adds new twist to Safe Harbor wranglings

In response to a recent change in the data protection regulations in Europe, Microsoft announced plans today to open a data center in Germany that will be controlled by a German company. 

European Parliament passes law abolishing mobile roaming charges by June 2017

In a development that should be good news to business travelers in Europe, the European Parliament voted Tuesday to end mobile roaming charges across member countries by June 2017.

Spotlight: What the safe harbor decision means for companies like Microsoft

Microsoft's top legal thinker and recently named president Brad Smith took to his blog Tuesday to discuss the implications of the EU striking from the books last week a longstanding international agreement on data due in part to the U.S. government's willingness to snoop on EU citizen information.

If you do business in Europe, you'll likely need a new way to handle customer data

If you do business with customers in Europe, you might soon need to figure out new mechanisms for handling their data.

Google: Unrestricted search is a human right, EU is interfering

Some 70,000 takedown requests are being handled by hand, according to Google's legal chief, who's now faced with the task of owning up to all the data Google owns.

Google hit with new EU complaint over alleged abusive app store behavior

Google is being hit by a European Union complaint from Portuguese app store firm Aptoide alleging abusive practices by the search giant.