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Latest Headlines

Multiple lawsuits against Google heat up this week

Getting sued by angry competitors and customers is par for the course for technology multinationals. But Google's having an especially tough week on this front. Two lawsuits the company's been hit with – one by Oracle, and another by Getty Images – are heating up.

Spotlight: European regulators file antitrust charges against Google over Android

The European Commission has filed formal antitrust charges against Google for loading up its Android operating system with Google apps and other alleged anticompetitive actions.

Spotlight: EC steps up press on Google over pre-loaded Android apps

The European Commission is stepping up pressure on Google about pre-loading apps on its Android mobile operating system.

Microsoft wants US-EU Privacy Shield approved

U.S. software giant Microsoft announced its support of the EU-U.S. Privacy Shield Monday in a blog post by John Frank, the company's vice president of EU government affairs.

Box introduces Box Zones for compliant-ready data storage in EU and Asia

Box today announced its giving businesses a geographic choice in where content stored in Box's cloud is housed.

Apple reportedly developing tool to make transferring data from iOS to Android devices easier

Apple is working on a tool that would make it easier for iOS users to transfer data to Android devices, according to a report by The Telegraph. Such a tool could have an impact on the ability to transform data in a multi-OS mobile working environment.

EU says negotiations for 'Safe Harbor 2.0' must be complete by January, reminds US of downgraded data protection status

Switzerland, Canada, Argentina, the Bailiwicks of Guernsey and Jersey, and the Isle of Man are all states better than the U.S. at protecting the data of European citizens. That's according to a communique from the EC that outlined alternative steps U.S. companies could take to legally transfer data across the Atlantic following the invalidation of the Safe Harbor agreement.

European Council okays new data privacy rules – Now what?

After over a year of debate, lobbying and negotiation, the European Council this week approved its version of the European General Data Protection Regulation, which would replace the decades-old EU Data Protection Directive.

Kroes', Reding's replacements in EC debate suspending US Safe Harbor

If the Federal Trade Commission fails to take visible steps toward enforcing privacy policies on European citizens' data stored on U.S. servers, storing it there in the first place could become illegal.

News Scan: EU focuses on mobile regulation; Quip adds spreadsheets to mobile app; more

Check out the hottest mobile IT stories for Thursday, Oct. 9, including the EU shifting its regulatory focus from fixed-line to mobile telephony, Quip adds spreadsheets to word processing app, startups will be main source of IoT solutions according to Gartner, Google launches low-priced AndroidOne in India and the shipments of elderly care wearables will double this year according to ABI.