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Latest Headlines

Russian anti-trust authority to reportedly slap fine on Google for violating anti-monopoly laws

Google will reportedly be slapped with a fine Monday by Russia's Federal Antimonopoly Service regarding a violation against the country's competition laws.

Spotlight: EU to end mobile roaming charges in June 2017

There's good news for business travelers who take to Europe often. The European Union plans to end mobile roaming charges on June 15, 2017.

Here's how you can prepare now that the European Council has approved new data privacy rules

U.S. firms could confront stricter, unified data privacy regulations in Europe in the coming years, while European firms currently have to navigate through the maze of often conflicting U.S. regulations. One thing is for sure, data privacy will be an ongoing issue in U.S.-European commercial relations.

Spotlight: What if government regulation truly does enable innovation?

When a  VentureBeat  correspondent found himself moving from Oakland, California to Toulouse, France, he moved so far "outside the box," to coin a phrase, that he realized Americans may actually have an innovation problem after all.

EU eases mobile user frustration over high roaming charges

Mobile user frustration over high mobile roaming charges, the bane of business travelers and their firms, has just been eased a bit in Europe.

Hefty bank fine for data manipulation creates international political furor

There are international sparks flying over the hotly contested $10 billion proposed settlement stemming from the U.S. allegation that BNP Paribas, a French bank, manipulated its data to evade U.S. sanctions.

Spotlight: EU, Japan to ink cybersecurity cooperation pact

The European Union and Japan are set to sign a strategic partnership agreement, which will include a cybersecurity cooperation pact, when Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe visits Brussels this week, AFP reports.

Spotlight: Does your right to personal data trump your government's right to it?

A ruling from the EU's highest court sets a precedent for government rights over human rights, that the U.S. government may one day have to meet.

NSA spying puts a hurt on US cloud providers

When news of the National Security Agency's broad data surveillance came to light via Snowden's disclosures, some pundits predicted that U.S.-based vendors of cloud services would lose revenue. They were right, although the most dire predictions appear to have been off-base.

Citing US spying, EU parliament passes 'right to be forgotten' bill

Services doing business in the European Union must soon heed the requests of their customers to erase their personal data. How must those services respond? Well, that depends...