Latest Headlines

Latest Headlines

Farming may become biggest market for commercial drones

Farmers are looking to use drones to save time, money and manpower. The Federal Aviation Administration, still working on official drone regulation, has granted over 50 exemptoins for farm-related operations so far this year. 

Amazon exec: Prime Air offers environmental and safety benefits

An FAA administrator revealed details about how many exemptions it has and can issue for businesses wishing to use drones before the agency creates official rules governing drone use, during a congressional committee meeting. At the same meeting, an Amazon exec made a case for environmental and safety benefits to drone use. 

FAA vs. drones: Which is the real danger?

This past Friday, Shuttle America Flight 2708 was forced to climb 200 feet upon its final approach to LaGuardia Airport. The last-minute climb was to avoid a collision with a drone. Clearly, drones pose a danger. But perhaps the FAA is the real problem here. 

Breaking the law for a better yield: Drones, agriculture and FAA delays

New rules regarding commercial drone use were proposed in February, though there's no telling if or when those rules will actually be approved, and some folks in agriculture have decided they don't want to wait.

Is that an Amazon drone following you?

Using location information in a person's smartphone, Amazon's drones will be able to deliver packages wherever the recipient is located--at home, on the job, out for a walk, or on a boat--according to a patent application Amazon submitted to the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

FAA cracks open the door to commercial drone use

The FAA  has announced  three new partnerships in an effort to achieve the "goal of safe, widespread UAS integration," said U.S. Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx.

Where legals dare: Drone skies clouded by policy

Drones are in limbo in both the public and private sectors due to an abstruse policy environment on the federal and state level, according to a panel of experts.

Amazon's drone dismay ends with FAA exemption

After almost a year of waiting, Amazon has been given the okay from the FAA to begin testing the latest version of its drone delivery program in the U.S.

New drone app aids agriculture, construction, mining and real estate industries

DroneDeploy, a start-up specializing in software for commercial drone operations, has launched a mobile app that helps users in a range of industries automate drones and receive real-time images and analytics.

Amazon gets impatient, takes drone testing to Canada

As the Federal Aviation Administration continues to drag its feet on issuing regulations, Amazon is taking drone testing outside of the U.S.  The Guardian  first reported that the online retail giant has begun testing at a secret site in Canada, just over the border in British Columbia.