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Latest Headlines

EagleView's netted enclosure lab could be boon for commercial applications of drone tech

EagleView Technology is working on an outdoor research lab aimed at drone research and flight training that will give researchers a chance to test drones in outdoor environments, which could bring a number of rapid strides in drone research and development, particularly for commercial applications.

UAS Registration Task Force recommends simple, free drone-user registration process

The Unmanned Aircraft Systems Registration Task Force, appointed last month by the Federal Aviation Administration to develop recommendations for a drone operator registration process, delivered its proposed rules to FAA Administrator Michael Huerta on Saturday.

FAA tests tech that could enable drones to get themselves out of trouble

A series of drone flight tests by the Federal Aviation Administration are scheduled to be start this week in Butner, N.C. The tests – which will be carried out by drone company PrecisionHawk – are designed to look at how drones can operate safely beyond an operator's line of sight and how they will deal with issues like encountering conventional aircraft.

Dedrone's DroneTracker helps firms protect against drone threats

While some companies are scrambling to get FAA clearance to use drones to improve their business model, other companies are concerned that drones will be used to spy on them or even cause destruction to facilities. One company that is working to address these concerns is German startup Dedrone, which has developed a civilian drone detection and tracking system called DroneTracker.

FAA names Amazon, Walmart and others for drone registration task force

The Federal Aviation Administration announced Thursday the members of the Unmanned Aircraft Systems Registration Task Force, which will deliver recommendations to the FAA for a drone operator registration process due by Nov. 20.

CA Gov. Brown vetoes bill limiting drone use near private property

California Gov. Edmund Brown Jr. has vetoed a bill that would have limited the use of drones around private property. The bill would have held individuals flying drones at a height of less than 350 feet in areas of private property liable for trespassing and responsible for damages unless they received permission from the property owner to do so.

FAA names 2 new officials to oversee integration of drones into US airspace

The Federal Aviation Administration has named two new officials – Marke "Hoot" Gibson and Earl Lawrence – to oversee the agency's effort to integrate drones, or unmanned aerial systems, into the U.S. airspace.

FAA grants exemption to Measure to fly more than 300 types of commercial drones

The Federal Aviation Administration has granted an exemption to Measure to fly 324 types of drones for commercial applications.

Spotlight: FAA takes to the cloud

Some might say the Federal Aviation Administration has been in the clouds for its entire history.

Farming may become biggest market for commercial drones

Farmers are looking to use drones to save time, money and manpower. The Federal Aviation Administration, still working on official drone regulation, has granted over 50 exemptoins for farm-related operations so far this year.