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Latest Headlines

Global commercial-drone market expected to soar, but it could be held back in the US by the FAA

Commercial drone use in the United States is advancing at a snail's pace, while other countries are far ahead. Global predictions see the commercial drone market booming in the future, but whether or not that will be the case in the U.S. is dependent to an extent on the Federal Aviation Administration releasing comprehensive regulations.

FAA grants first exemption for nighttime commercial drone flights

For the first time, the Federal Aviation Administration has approved commercial operations of a drone at night.

Performance-based standards are what's needed to keep micro drones safe, Skyward CEO says

In an interview with FierceMobileIT, Jonathan Evans, founder and CEO of commercial drone information management provider Skyward, discussed the issues raised by micro drones and the possible rules coming out of the committee set up by the Federal Aviation Administration to consider the issues.

Drone makes first ever delivery to residence in US, say organizers

A drone has successfully delivered a package to a residence in Nevada, according to the Associated Press, which could help advance regulations for drone delivery.

FAA okays use of Surface 3 electronic flight bags by ExpressJet pilots

The Federal Aviation Administration approved on Monday the use of Microsoft Surface 3 tablets running Windows 10 with Jeppesen's electronic flight bag apps for ExpressJet's pilots.

FAA considers easing restrictions of small commercial drones flying over cities

The Federal Aviation Administration is setting up an aviation rulemaking committee, made up of industry stakeholders, that will consider easing restrictions of small commercial drones flying over groups of people "not directly involved in the operation of the aircraft," such as cities.

EagleView's netted enclosure lab could be boon for commercial applications of drone tech

EagleView Technology is working on an outdoor research lab aimed at drone research and flight training that will give researchers a chance to test drones in outdoor environments, which could bring a number of rapid strides in drone research and development, particularly for commercial applications.

UAS Registration Task Force recommends simple, free drone-user registration process

The Unmanned Aircraft Systems Registration Task Force, appointed last month by the Federal Aviation Administration to develop recommendations for a drone operator registration process, delivered its proposed rules to FAA Administrator Michael Huerta on Saturday.

FAA tests tech that could enable drones to get themselves out of trouble

A series of drone flight tests by the Federal Aviation Administration are scheduled to be start this week in Butner, N.C. The tests – which will be carried out by drone company PrecisionHawk – are designed to look at how drones can operate safely beyond an operator's line of sight and how they will deal with issues like encountering conventional aircraft.

Dedrone's DroneTracker helps firms protect against drone threats

While some companies are scrambling to get FAA clearance to use drones to improve their business model, other companies are concerned that drones will be used to spy on them or even cause destruction to facilities. One company that is working to address these concerns is German startup Dedrone, which has developed a civilian drone detection and tracking system called DroneTracker.