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Latest Headlines

While Amazon waits on the FAA, Alibaba tests drone delivery in China

While Amazon hopes for an exemption to start testing their drone delivery service from the Federal Aviation Administration, Chinese e-commerce competitor Alibaba has taken to the skies.

Annoying in-flight cellphone calls unite Dems and GOP on Capitol Hill

Apparently there is at least one issue that unites Democrats and Republicans on Capitol Hill--annoying cellphone conversations on airplanes.

Mobile device usage in-flight slow to take off

Despite a Federal Aviation Administration ruling allowing the use of personal electronic devices throughout flights, a majority of airline passengers still don't, according to a new study.

FCC mulls lifting ban on cell phone calls during flights

Following quickly (in bureaucratic terms) on the Federal Aviation Administration's decision to lift most of its restrictions on the use of mobile devices on airplanes, the Federal Communications Commission has put the issue of ending the ban on mobile phone use on planes on its December meeting agenda.

FAA may relax rules on use of electronic gadgets in flight

The Federal Aviation Administration is expected to relax the rules for the use of some types of personal electronic devices on airplanes.

FCC takes step in right direction to improve in-flight broadband

The Federal Communications Commission took a step in the right direction last week by proposing a plan to improve in-flight broadband connectivity for airline passengers.

Airplanes are vulnerable to hacking, says researcher

A security researcher has outlined a scary scenario in which a simple smartphone or tablet could be used to redirect planes mid-flight. In fact, researcher Hugo Teso of German IT consultancy N.Runs has even created an Android app that he says allows a virtual plane to be redirected from a Samsung Galaxy smartphone.

Mobile workers of the world, unite!

There is good news from Washington for a change. The Federal Aviation Administration is considering lifting the ban on passengers using electronic devices during takeoffs and landings,

FCC asks FAA to re-examine rules on in-flight device use

Chairman Julius Genachowski of the Federal Communications Commission has sent a letter to Michael Huerta, acting administrator of the Federal Aviation Administration, calling for a relaxation of rules regarding the use of electronic devices on airplanes.

FAA reconsiders ban on gadgets during takeoff and landing

The Federal Aviation Administration is rethinking its policy on digital devices, according to New York Times blogger Nick Bilton. In a post over the weekend, Bilton recounted how he contacted the FAA