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Latest Headlines

Spotlight: You're already using IPv6

Even if you haven't switched your networking architecture over to IPv6 yet, chances are you're already using it elsewhere.

Spotlight: Facebook's Parse launches service to build IoT apps

Facebook's Parse platform-as-a-service unveiled Wednesday new products, including Parse for Internet of Things that enables developers to build apps for IoT devices such as garage door opners, smart batteries, thermostats, and security cameras.

Facebook wants to host your news site's content

Facebook wants to get into the news business, but not directly. 

Facebook open sources ATC tool to test mobile app performance on slow networks

Facebook has decided to open source its internal effort to simulate mobile app performance on slow network connections.

Bare-metal switches to account for quarter of data center switching ports by 2019

There's still the argument out there that open networking equipment is only for web- and hyper-scale companies. But those focused on arguing the unimportance of bare-metal switches and the likes of the Open Compute Project may be in for a shock in the next few years.

Apple reportedly orders white-box servers in data center refresh

A new report claims that Apple has placed orders with white-box server makers to refresh the hardware in its existing data centers, and for use in new data centers.

I can't get no disaggregation

The separation of networking hardware and the software that runs it has been attracting more and more interest ever since Facebook unveiled the Open Compute Project.

Microsoft adds lithium-ion batteries to open server design

Microsoft has introduced the use of lithium-ion batteries in its open server design, in a move it says will help to eliminate the need for buying UPS appliances.

Spotlight: Facebook ups the ante against Cisco

This week at Open Compute Project U.S. Summit 2015, Facebook unveiled its plans for total world (I mean "market") domination.

Dell aims for common language for networking operating systems

Dell unveiled what it's calling a common language for networking operating systems. The vendor submitted its designs for its Switch Abstraction Interface to the Open Compute Project with the intention of helping to solve networking bottlenecks.