Latest Headlines

Latest Headlines

Facebook ponies up big bucks for bug bounties

Facebook doled out $1.3 million in awards to 321 researchers last year, close to the $1.5 million awarded by Google in 2014 for its bug bounty program.

Facebook CIO Timothy Campos strives to be social network's efficiency wizard

Facebook's CIO says that his job is to improve the efficiency of the company and sometimes that means building custom software for internal users. 

Open sourcing of network software was long overdue

As you can see from our headlines over the last week, as well as in today's issue of  FierceEnterpriseCommunications, open source in the networking world is currently top-of-mind. Not only has HP thrown down the gauntlet by getting behind the open networking trend, but Facebook also rounded out its Open Compute Project line of switches.

Open source switches gain more vendor traction

The open source movement is making waves in the networking space as more vendors are opting to build open switches and routers in favor of proprietary technology. HP is the latest vendor to join the open source networking movement, and some are speculating that open networking could give Cisco a run for its money.

Facebook looks to disrupt Cisco-led networking industry

Update your status. Check your friends' photos. Watch videos of cats and dogs. Oh, and buy data center networking switches. That's the Facebook of tomorrow.

New Facebook service lets companies share cyberattack experiences

It is said that misery loves company, and that apparently translates to cybersecurity as well. In response, Facebook has built a new platform where organizations can share their experiences with cyberattacks.

IBM poised to cut 26% of staff

The technology sector appears to be playing a major game of musical chairs with employees, as the past week saw news of massive layoffs in some corners, and massive hiring in others. The biggest news comes from IBM, which is apparently getting ready to lay off 26 percent of its workforce.

Facebook open-sources its machine learning

Even a hard-nosed proprietary software maker like Facebook understands and embraces the value of scientists sharing tools and methods, even while protecting specific uses and projects. Facebook's most recent sharing foray is in open sourcing its deep-learning modules for Torch.

CEOs and lower-level managers flip positions on big data

A new survey conducted by the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) and Teradata finds a huge gap in how CEOs and other executives see big data. They found that it is CEOs who now wear the rose-colored glasses. Other executives, especially lower-level managers, have a bleaker view. 

Facebook eyes business collaboration with Facebook at Work

Facebook unveils Facebook at Work, and envisions its adoption by businesses as a collaboration platform.