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Latest Headlines

Spotlight: How Facebook strives for sustainability

Web-scale companies are adopting green technology more and more, and social networking giant Facebook is no exception.

Employee familiarity with Facebook client helped RBS choose Facebook at Work collaboration platform for 100,000 workers

The Royal Bank of Scotland will make available the enterprise-focused Facebook at Work for 100,000 employees, according to an announcement from the bank. The deal marks a significant win for Facebook, which operates one of the largest consumer social networks but has been eclipsed in the enterprse by a range of other companies that specifically target the needs of businesses.

Spotlight: Tech companies top LinkedIn list for most desirable employers

Google, Apple, Facebook and Microsoft topped LinkedIn's list of most desirable employers this year.

Some Google services were down for 3 hours on Friday

The service interruption was short, but some Google cloud services suffered an outage on Friday. According to a Zacks article, the outage was relatively short and only affected a handful of applications, including spreadsheet tools, Docs, Sheets, Slides and the Classroom presentation tool.

US is home to almost half of all major cloud data centers

This may come as little surprise, but nearly half of all major cloud and Internet data centers are located in the United States of America. This is according to Synergy Research, which indicated 44 percent of such data centers are located in the U.S.

Could Facebook's M fill the gap left by dwindling real-life assistants?

Facebook has revealed mobile digital assistant M. One key differentiator between this tech and its predecessors is how M carries out its processes. While competitors solely on software, Facebook will employ a set of "M trainers" in conjunction with its artificial intelligence software to fulfill every request.

Spotlight: Building a big data back end? Here are 3 tips

If you're looking at building a big data back end for your mobile app, you'll really want to read Ashish Thusoo's post in Datanami. 

Facebook's Parse to open source SDKs for iOS, Android

Facebook's Parse app development platform is open sourcing its software development kits for iOS and Android devices, as well as Macs. The company plans to open source SDKs for other platforms in the near future.

Facebook lets businesses private message customers from public comments

Facebook is introducing a new feature where business page admins can reply to queries in comments with a direct message option that pops up in the comment thread.

Personal data sharing reaches addiction level

Are over-sharers merely looking for attention and as such purposefully intend for their data to be widely distributed? And if that's the case, do companies need to exercise any constraint in using that data if there was no intent for privacy by the user?