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Latest Headlines

Less need for broadband regulation with more competitors, says FCC's Wheeler

"It was the absence of competition that historically forced the imposition of strict government regulation in telecommunications," said a man whose industry is responsible for some monopolies.

FCC's O'Rielly: Net neutrality would hike broadband costs

Suppose the costs service providers incurred to comply with new Open Internet rules were passed to consumers. Such consumers needing a cause for legal action may now get one.

Businesses need mobile broadband ASAP

More mobile broadband is badly needed for U.S. companies as well as consumers. I hope that the interest of the NAB, the FCC and the CTIA sides to settle their dispute quickly leads to timely resolution so the auction can take place on schedule.

On second thought, 1.1 million comments to FCC weren't enough

In a concession that the American public may still have more to say on the net neutrality issue, the FCC decides it can listen to a whole month's worth of more comments.

Netflix: Free speech shouldn't be a factor in 'commercially reasonable'

While some net neutrality advocates have elevated the issue to the level of a human rights debate, one advocate is suggesting it be deflated to that of a business arrangement.

Net neutrality opponents now claim regulations are disrespectful to Obama

Let's try this one: The FCC has an obligation to regulate Internet communication, but only to the extent that it has determined beforehand the benefits outweigh the costs.

Mobile device usage in-flight slow to take off

Despite a Federal Aviation Administration ruling allowing the use of personal electronic devices throughout flights, a majority of airline passengers still don't, according to a new study.

Federal agencies target 'Un-carrier' T-Mobile for un-customer-friendly practice of cramming

Despite its portrayal as being a new kind of carrier focused on the customer, T-Mobile USA is being accused by the FTC and probed by the FCC for the time-honored carrier practice of "cramming" customers' phone bills with bogus charges. 

News Scan: Signs of a top-notch IT pro; White House, FCC IT leaders give advice to fellow government CIOs;

Top news for July 1, 2014.

'Public' as in 'airwaves' vs. 'public' as in 'performance'

There is no clearer signal of our having fully embraced the 21st century and shaken off the remains of the 20th than the lack of a wake for the old era's most pertinent metaphor.