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Latest Headlines

News Scan: Obama pushes net neutrality, surveillance transparency; Business intelligence and mobility top campus IT concerns; More

The top news stories for Jan. 21, 2015.

Marriott eases off plan to block Wi-Fi on its properties

Marriott has softened its stance on the use of personal Wi-Fi hotspots on its premises this week.

FCC Chair: 'We are down to the short strokes' on net neutrality

An existing avenue in the law may be available for regulating Open Internet principles, said Tom Wheeler at CES on Wednesday, so long as you erase the word "wireless carrier" and insert "Internet service provider."

New FCC Open Internet regulations will be voted on in February

The next round of deliberations over how the FCC navigates the net neutrality maze begins in earnest during the last week of February, but when it ends remains uncertain.

FCC set to clarify rules for Wi-Fi networks

The U.S. Federal Communications Commission, or FCC, will soon decide if it will lay down rules regarding the ability of hotels to block personal Wi-Fi hotspots inside their facilities.

FCC insists rural broadband come to par with urban at 10 Mbps

It may not be an official re-definition of "broadband" just yet, but the FCC's alteration of its Universal Service Fund order does give it double-digit download speeds. The question remains, will enough carriers sign up?

Mediation is not the right way to decide FTC data breach authority

U.S. District Court Judge Esther Salas has instructed the Federal Trade Commission and Wyndham Hotels to seek mediation in order to resolve their dispute about whether the FTC has the authority to regulate private companies' data security practices.

Because we don't know what the Internet is

It would be nice if life came with an instruction manual. "Life," as in "The Game of," does come with one, and so does "Operation." But neither one applies to the pickle we're in now.

It's war: AT&T CEO to suspend broadband buildout, claims FCC's Wheeler for his side

If Randall Stephenson's comments are to be taken at face value, the FCC chairman actively worked to avoid a Title II scenario. But those negotiations fell apart after the mid-terms.

Spotlight: Net neutrality now a political football, outcome could affect cost of data transfers

No doubt you heard President Obama urged the FCC to protect net neutrality this week. But the conversation in the capitol has degraded according to an eWeek report. While the President does not have...