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Latest Headlines

FCC modifies rules for mobile medical sensor spectrum

The Federal Communications Commission has modified its rules for allocating wireless spectrum for wearable medical sensors that transmit patient data to a control device. These sensors and control device form what the FCC calls a Medical Body Area Network.

News Scan: Amazon dominates in mobile paid search; FCC's new speed-test iOS app; more

Quick rundown on the latest mobile IT news for Wednesday, 2/26 including: examples of how brick-and-mortar retailer Walmart's reluctance for mobile advertising is hurting them, the FCC's app for iOS users to test mobile data speeds announced at Mobile World Congress, Almex's rugged tablet for hostile work environments, Sierra Wireless unveils Linux-based platform for M2M apps and BlackBerry's new handsets.

News Scan: FCC, DoT battle over in-flight cell phone calls; Canadians cool about mobile shopping; more

Check out the hottest mobile IT news for Friday the 13th.

Report: FAA set to relax restrictions on passenger access to mobile devices

A Federal Aviation Administration advisory panel will meet this week to complete a recommendation on relaxing rules preventing airline passengers from accessing tablets and e-readers during takeoff and landing,  The New York Times  reports.

Amazon, Sony petition FCC to recognize differences between e-readers and tablets

E-reader manufacturers Amazon, Sony Electronics and Kobo are lobbying the FCC to exempt their devices from accessibility laws governing tablets and other connected devices.

Dish takes fight for Sprint to FCC

With the Sprint shareholder vote on Softbank's takeover offer set for June 25, Dish Network is taking its fight to the Federal Communications Commission, the last remaining U.S. federal agency reviewing the transaction, Bloomberg is reporting.

T-Mobile, Metro PCS merger approved

As expected, the FCC last week approved the consolidation of T-Mobile USA, Inc. and MetroPCS Communications, Inc. The merger could make T-Mobile and MetroPCS stronger competitors in the wireless market and allow them to bolster service as lower-cost alternatives for smaller enterprises.

Verizon to FCC: We're not blocking Google Wallet

Verizon Wireless has denied it is blocking consumer access to Google Wallet, telling the FCC that the contactless payment application is not supported on Verizon devices because of integration obstacles.

U.S. carriers commit to nationwide text-to-911 service

Verizon Wireless, AT&T Mobility, Sprint Nextel and T-Mobile USA all agreed to offer nationwide text-to-911 services by May 15, 2014, with "major deployments" starting next year.

Vonage presses its case for direct access to numbering resources for VoIP services

Vonage, the nation's largest Internet-based telephony company, reiterated to federal regulators last week why the company should be granted a waiver allowing direct access to numbering resources for IP-enabled services.