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Latest Headlines

Spotlight: The 2015-2020 plan for federal health IT

Check out the federal governments data plans for the next five years, as outlined by a new report. 

Data from big data apps on mobile devices a problem for US government

According to Paul Christman, vice president of Dell Software Public Sector, the challenge on the big data security landscape for the U.S. government is data from big data applications on mobile devices.

News Scan: Sprint charges too much for spying; Wireless smart pills not hard to swallow; more

Check out the hottest mobile IT news for March 4, including how Sprint upcharged federal spy agencies, wireless smart pills in the healthcare industry, the way Travelocity is adapting to different platforms, the use of indoor location technology outside of the retail industy and the smartphone kill-swtch bill introduced to Congress.

Cover-ups don't help the government's cause in big data collection

It is mind-boggling how many ways government agencies can find to shoot themselves in the foot with the big data gun. They cover-up their activities even when the truth would serve them better. Here's what happened....

Can big data cut the federal deficit?

It may come as good news to both parties then that the federal government can potentially see $500 billion in savings through the use of big data to increase efficiencies, according to a recent MeriTalk report underwritten by EMC Corporation. The report findings are based on the responses to the survey by 150 Federal IT executives.

Government looking to increase agency budgets for big data

"In 10 to 15 years, harnessing big data and turning it into knowledge to make better decisions will transform government and society. Use of big data will become standard practice in government," said IT consultancy group Deltek.

Federal government agencies experience consumerization effect

Earlier this week, The Washington Post detailed how the consumerization of the enterprise has finally reached federal government agencies. "The demand we are seeing now in the last 90 days has been