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How the public and private sectors meet in the cloud

Federal agencies have not been immune to the cloud revolution taking the IT world by storm, and private sector companies could do better to address the challenges the government faces in trying to rollout cutting-edge solutions.

Spotlight: IT hurdles hinder big data adoption in federal government agencies

You'll find an interesting post in Defense Systems on a recent survey that uncovered IT hindrances in big data adoption at federal government agencies. Even if you aren't working at a...

Spotlight: Apple, Cisco back Microsoft in its case about U.S. access to data stored in Europe

Microsoft is taking on the full litigious force of the U.S. governemnet in a case that raises the question of what kind of data law enforcement agencies can access, according to an article from Bloomberg.

News Scan: Federal CIOs ordered to step up security efforts; Tony Scott hopeful IT reform will happen this time; More

The top news stories for June 16, 2015.

Federal agencies score low on cyberdefense assessment report

Federal government agencies have been revealed to be among the worst violators of good cyberdefense, despite all the rhetoric that comes out of Washington around bolstering IT security.

Department of Commerce CIO embraces 'extreme outsourcing' to streamline efficiencies

The CIO at the DoC's Internal Trade Association has plans to outsource almost his entire IT operations over the next few months. The goal: "be out of the IT business by July."

Federal CIOs want, but fear, digital transformation

Many federal CIOs fear that the pace and scope of digital transformation at their agencies is too much, but also acknowledge the value that those changes can bring to their organizations.

Spotlight: The 2015-2020 plan for federal health IT

Check out the federal governments data plans for the next five years, as outlined by a new report. 

News Scan: Congress could vote new agency CIO authority today; CIOs are making the CEO 'nice list'; More

The top news stories for Dec. 4, 2014.

News Scan: IT could save 20-30% of its annual budget through cloud; Southern states still best for IT hiring opportunities; More

The top news stories for Sept. 9, 2014.