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Latest Headlines

Google will battle FTC 'very hard' if AdMob deal is blocked

Google (NASDAQ: GOOG) CEO Eric Schmidt vowed the company will fight federal regulators if its proposed $750 million acquisition of mobile advertising network AdMob is denied approval. Asked by

Google to pay AdMob $700M kill fee if acquisition rejected

Google is reportedly poised to pay AdMob a kill fee valued at $700 million if federal regulators reject the digital services giant's proposed $750 million acquisition of the mobile advertising

FTC extends Google/AdMob probe to look into iAd

The Federal Trade Commission has received a two-week extension from Google and AdMob to delve further into the digital services giant's proposed $750 million acquisition of the mobile advertising

FTC doesn't grasp mobile ad biz, will shape its future anyway

When Google first announced its intentions to purchase mobile advertising network AdMob in late 2009, conventional wisdom indicated the Federal Trade Commission would ultimately approve the $750

Google, AdMob bracing for FTC smackdown

While Google and AdMob continue their efforts to persuade federal regulators to endorse their proposed $750 million merger, The Wall Street Journal reports both companies expect the Federal Trade

FTC gearing up to challenge Google's AdMob acquisition

The Federal Trade Commission is assembling an internal litigation team as it prepares to mount an antitrust challenge to Google's proposed $750 million acquisition of mobile advertising network

Congress should require P2P disclosures

Everyday there's news about another lapse, where company guidelines were insufficient and unable to keep data safe. One of the biggest culprits is peer-to-peer or P2P sharing--when files are made

FTC asks Silicon Valley to better police privacy

The Federal Trade Commission paid a visit to Silicon Valley recently with a very direct message: It's time to step up to the plate and do a better job of protecting consumer privacy and consumer

FTC sues Intel over stifling competition

The Federal Trade Commission sued Intel Corp., Wednesday, accusing the chip titan of using illegal tactics to stifle competition. The administrative complaint could have a major impact on Intel,

Cybercriminals capitalize on swine flu fears

Cybercriminals are everywhere, and now they are capitalizing on swine flu fears by pitching fake Tamiflu, a drug that treats the flu symptoms. You may think this does not directly affect you, but it