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Latest Headlines

FierceCIO's 2015 Fierce 15

When the FierceCIO team set out a couple months ago to shine a spotlight on the 15 most interesting companies that have significantly adopted the cloud, we knew we'd find a lot of relatively small startups. What we weren't sure about was how many larger, established businesses we'd dig up.  

For United's flight attendants, the skies just got more friendly

Joining a growing trend among airlines to go mobile, United Airlines will give its more than 23,000 flight attendants iPhone 6 Plus smartphones next spring.

FierceMobileIT's 2014 Fierce15: Extreme Mobility

Today, companies that aren't at least considering a mobility program are at risk of falling far behind their competitors. It only makes sense that this year's Fierce15 awards focuses on 15 companies that have successfully launched and implemented extreme mobility programs. Check out the 15 firms that we think are extreme mobility success stories in 2014.

Deadline is September 22 for Fierce15 nominations

FierceCIO is looking for examples of the very best digital transformation initiatives, and will recognize those efforts with the first annual 2014 Fierce15 awards to be announced in October.

First annual FierceMobileIT Fierce15 to recognize top mobility efforts

FierceMobileIT's first annual Fierce15 awards will recognize 15 companies for outstanding extreme mobility projects and initiatives.

FierceCIO's fiercest 15 firms in digital transformation: Send us your nominations

From now until September 24, 2014, we are seeking nominations of organizations that have led outstanding digital transformation projects and initiatives, and will recognize those efforts with the first annual  FierceCIO  Fierce15 Awards to be announced in October. 

Introducing the Fierce 15 mobile startups for 2012

Every year, Fierce editors meet with, either in person or on the phone, dozens of the most innovative and smart emerging companies in the wireless industry. FierceWireless identifies the best and the brightest--the Fierce 15 startups of 2012.

FierceWireless honors the Top 15 startups of 2011

The wireless industry has always held great allure for entrepreneurs seeking to make their fortunes in the high-tech world. Over the past year we have witnessed a resurgence of venture capital

FierceWireless announces top innovative wireless companies

Sister publication FierceWireless has released the 2011 winners of its annual FierceWireless Fierce 15 awards--a list of privately held wireless companies that have the potential to be a major player

The 2008 VoIP Fierce 15 arrive November 5

Barring unforeseen difficulties I plan to release the Fierce 15 on Nov. 5, 2008. I realize this is the day after the elections, but I figure people will be so OD'd on Red/Blue coverage and polling