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Latest Headlines

Box targets financial services industry, who's next?

Box will soon start offering features and services aimed at the needs of the financial services industry. It's already made similar announcements for industries including healthcare, retail, and media and entertainment. Other verticals are sure to follow. 

Regulated industries struggle with challenge of BYOD security

IT departments in regulated industries, such as financial services, struggle with the risks introduced by allowing employees to bring their own devices.

93% of financial services organizations experienced cyberattacks in the past year

While cyberattacks targeting financial services firms are increasing, nearly one out of three still don't provide protection of users' endpoints or implement specialized protection inside their own infrastructure. Such poses threats to banks beyond the hefty financial loss to thieves--an overwhelming majority of bank customers are ready to bail.

Money and mobility

As financial services firms grapple with how to best use mobility to their advantage, increasing consumer engagement and reducing consumer security worries will be the key to success.

Half of world's population headed for the cloud

Nearly half of the world's population will be using cloud computing services in some fashion by 2018, according to a new study by Juniper Research. Meanwhile, KPMG calls cloud computing one of the "most disruptive forces in business in the past 20 years."

BlackBerry continues to sing the blues

There is more bad news for BlackBerry. Following BlackBerry's report of a net loss of $5.9 billion and a 38 percent revenue decline for its most recent fiscal year comes a Ponemon Institute survey that finds close to half of financial services IT pros plan to phase out BlackBerry completely by next year.

Mobile consumers will disrupt the financial services market, predicts IDC

Mobile consumers will be the "disruptors" in the financial services market by increasing their use of purpose-built apps that provide focused value, while minimizing their interactions with their primary institution, predicts market research firm IDC.

State Street deploys more Linux, open source

Boston-based financial services firm State Street Corp. spends up to one-fourth of its operating budget on IT, and yet the price of hardware is outpacing its need for data center gear, reports Jon

What IT has in store for Wells Fargo

Technology has always been important in the financial services sector, but it is becoming an increasingly vital differentiator for banks these days, according to Avid Modjtabai, CIO at Wells Fargo (

CAR Financial CIO on new ways for IT to create value

One of the seismic shifts underway in enterprise technology involves a growing number of business units taking on IT-related tasks independent of the IT team. Increasingly, software tools are being