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Explosive mobile biometrics growth fueled by mobile transactions

The mobile biometrics market is forecast by TechNavio to see a 156.9 percent compound annual growth rate through 2018. Factors fueling the growth include the use of mobile devices for financial transactions and other security applications.

Surface security concerns surface

Microsoft's new Surface user interface promises much when it comes to ease of use and application functionality. According to security analysts, it also has many questions regarding how security

The Swiss-Army Phone

The Swiss-Army Phone Is it simpler or more complicated? Is it more convenient to have a group of simple, single-function devices, or a single, relatively

ALSO NOTED: Panasonic debuts ultraportable, rugged laptop; Microsoft, Nortel partner for unified communications; and much more.

> Ultraportable, rugged Toughbook defies common logic. Report > U.S. financial

How to secure mobile financial transactions

Think 'mobile' technology a decade ago and the laptop pops into mind. Few of us had a cell phone. The big thing, if you recall, was cordless home phone that let you walk around the house while

Financial services going mobile in a big way

Today's mobile computing devices can do just about everything and that includes financial transactions, as users want to be able to talk, email, surf the Web, listen to music and watch video on

Online transactions demand range of security tools

Financial institutions that depend on good customer satisfaction with online transactions have their work cut out for them. Scammer and hackers are always trying to stay one step ahead of new

Education site suffers data security glitch

Add the US Department of Education to the growing list of federal agencies who have suffered the theft of confidential data. It seems that private information relating to students receiving

SPOTLIGHT: Biometrics poised to make ID easy as a scan

Get ready to toss those checkbooks, credit cards and debit cards into the trash. Emerging biometric technologies are promising to make financial transactions just a matter of fingertip precision. It