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Latest Headlines

Spotlight: Here's how to hack a mobile phone's fingerprint sensor using a printer and ink

Michigan State University's biometrics group has figured out how to get past fingerprint sensors on mobile phones using a color inkjet printer, AgIC paper and AgIC silver conductive ink cartridges, according to HelpNetSecurity.

Startup embeds fingerprint scanner in smartphone display glass

Startup Sonavation promises to build the fingerprint scanner right into the phone's glass and make it available for mobile devices or even Internet of Things devices.

Apple's TouchID has design issue that could make it less secure for enterprises

One of the goals of Apple's Touch ID is to make iPhones a more attractive option for security conscious enterprises. But a design issue could undermine the very security it is supposed to provide, noted Paco Hope, a security consultant with Cigital, in a TechRepublic article.

News Scan: Franken says Galaxy S5 security isn't good enough; Jasper Wireless, Ericsson top M2M platform providers; more

Check out the hottest mobile IT stories for Wednesday, May 14 including Al Franken's take on the safety of Samsung's Galaxy S5 phones, Jasper Wireless and Ericsson top amongst M2M platform providers, the future growth and diversity of the wearables market, the landslide dominance of Android in smartphone shipments and an in-aisle mobile marketing campaign launched by Bertolli and Thinaire.

Chaos Computer Club claims to have cracked iPhone 5S fingerprint-based security

Chaos Computer Club claims to have fooled the fingerprint scanner on Apple's new iPhone 5s phone using "everyday means."