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Latest Headlines

Firefox thumbs nose at Microsoft, redirects Cortana searches in Windows 10

If set as the default browser, Firefox 40 will redirect Cortana searches away from Bing to users' search engine of choice.

With Windows 10, a new salvo in the browser wars

Windows 10 shipped this week and with it a bevy of new apps from Microsoft. Chief among them is a replacement for the long derided Internet Explorer in the form of Edge. While the update to the baked-in browser is widely seen as an upgrade, users have found that an upgrade to Windows 10 will disregard the previous version's default browser and automatically institute Edge as Web surfing go-to.

Trust in digital certificate ecosystem eroding

We live in a time when the security of digital certificates is increasingly being called into question. Whether it involves the hacking of a legitimate certificate authority or the issuing of digital certificate by nonauthorized parties, the trust in the digital certificate ecosystem is eroding.

Mozilla plugs 5 critical holes in Firefox, other products

Mozilla has released security updates for its Firefox browser, Thunderbird email client and Seamonkey cross-platform Internet suite, patching 10 security holes, including five critical flaws.

Bug bounty programs do work, researchers find

WASHINGTON, D.C.--Bug bounty programs are a popular way for software vendors to encourage researchers to find security holes in their products. But do bug bounty programs work?

Hackers steal host names and MAC addresses of Tor Browser Bundles users

Attackers have been stealing host names and media access control addresses of users running the Firefox-based Tor Browser Bundles for Windows, the Tor Project blog warned.

Mozilla, Samsung team on Servo browser engine for Android

Mozilla is collaborating with Samsung Electronics to build Servo, an experimental Web browser optimized for mobile devices running Google's Android operating system and ARM processors.

Mozilla: No Firefox for iOS until Apple loosens browser restrictions

Mozilla said it will not expand its Firefox browser to the iOS mobile operating system until Apple relaxes its stance against third-party browser technology.

Firefox: We're not trying to replace Android or iOS

BARCELONA, Spain--While Mozilla's Mitchell Baker blasted the dominating platforms--Android and iOS--earlier this week during an evening keynote, the company has stated it isn't trying to replace them.

Mozilla vows private browsing coming to Firefox for Android

Mozilla said its 2013 roadmap includes a series of updates and enhancements targeting its Firefox for Android mobile browser, highlighted by private Web browsing.