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Latest Headlines

Trust in digital certificate ecosystem eroding

We live in a time when the security of digital certificates is increasingly being called into question. Whether it involves the hacking of a legitimate certificate authority or the issuing of digital certificate by nonauthorized parties, the trust in the digital certificate ecosystem is eroding.

Mozilla to stop developing Metro Firefox for Windows 8

In a surprising turnaround, Mozilla announced the decision to abandon its effort to build a hybrid browser that will compete with Internet Explorer 11 on touch-enabled Windows 8 devices. This was all the more surprising given that the browser was almost two years in the making, with nine dedicated engineers and two product managers at the time of the announcement.

Mozilla plugs 5 critical holes in Firefox, other products

Mozilla has released security updates for its Firefox browser, Thunderbird email client and Seamonkey cross-platform Internet suite, patching 10 security holes, including five critical flaws.

Bug bounty programs do work, researchers find

WASHINGTON, D.C.--Bug bounty programs are a popular way for software vendors to encourage researchers to find security holes in their products. But do bug bounty programs work?

Spotlight: Buffer

Buffer is a nifty tool that helps users and businesses alike get a handle on sharing on social media.

Firefox 23 fixes 13 bugs, tightens security

Firefox 23 was released on Wednesday this week, resolving a total of 13 security bugs. Four of these bugs involve vulnerabilities that are rated as critical, which you can read about in the security advisories page for Firefox  here.

Hackers steal host names and MAC addresses of Tor Browser Bundles users

Attackers have been stealing host names and media access control addresses of users running the Firefox-based Tor Browser Bundles for Windows, the Tor Project blog warned.

Unknown organization exploited bug to identify Tor users

Someone is gathering data from users of the anonymous Tor (The Onion Router) network, and the lack of a malware payload means that the FBI is fingered as being the possible ringleader.

Chrome, Linux users more likely to ignore browser security warnings

Chrome users are far more likely to ignore security warnings than users of the Firefox browser.

Mozilla, Samsung team on Servo browser engine for Android

Mozilla is collaborating with Samsung Electronics to build Servo, an experimental Web browser optimized for mobile devices running Google's Android operating system and ARM processors.