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Latest Headlines

Will enterprises need to change BYOD policies to accommodate wearables?

As CIOs and IT departments struggle to develop policies and deploy technologies to address BYOD smartphones and tablets in the workplace, a new challenge looms over the horizon--wearable devices.

Google introduces content recommendation engine for mobile sites

Google is rolling out a new content recommendation engine designed to help mobile websites deepen reader engagement and loyalty.

Spotlight: Is China's Huawei quitting the U.S. market?

Chinese telecom gear maker Huawei is scrambling to "clarify" a statement made by one of its executives suggesting that the firm is quitting the U.S. market, according to a report by  Forbes.

Spotlight: Facebook tests VoIP calling for Messenger app

Facebook is testing VoIP calls on its Messenger app for Canadian iPhone users.

Forbes.com debuts news application for Palm Pre

Business news and information giant Forbes.com announced the launch of new application optimized for smartphones powered by Palm's webOS mobile operating system and available for download via the

Forbes on the 'Value of VoIP'

Forbes ran a piece on "The Value of VoIP" Friday, spotlighting a small business owner deploying a VoIP system and examining the system's effects on the company's operations. Nikhila Rao, owner of a

Google partnering with Dell on mobile handset?

The rumor mill is abuzz with speculation that Google is partnering with computing firm Dell to launch a mobile phone based on the web services giant's fledgling Android OS. According to

Buongiorno buys iTouch for $191.7M

Italian mobile content conglomerate Buongiorno rapidly is expanding its reach through the acquisition of iTouch, a South African firm specializing in mobile entertainment distribution. iTouch …