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Latest Headlines

Telematics, IoT, CEM data heat up car manufacturer competition

Cars have always had a strong fan base, but public interest has broadened recently given exciting new developments. These innovations range from assisted driving features like self-parking, to driverless vehicles from Google's automated car to Tesla's recent Autopilot download. Plans for connected car systems in the future are also hyping public interest. All of this tends to overshadow other ways car manufacturers are using telematics and IoT data to improve cars and the car experience for owners after the sale.

Ford 'retools company around big data'

While naysayers and worrywarts continue to wring their hands over "too few big data implementations," visionaries are already moving beyond big data projects and into reshaping their entire companies around it. The latest to do so is Ford, who is now "retooling the company around big data."

News Scan: Ford ditches Microsoft for BlackBerry; Google releases new Watch Face API; more

Check out the hottest mobile IT news for Dec. 12, including Ford's move to BlackBerry, a new Watch Face API from Android, the eventual rise of 5G, the future of C-RAN technology and mHealth wearables getting a boost.

News Scan: Ford gets musical with mobile; 5.5-inch iPhone 6 could be delayed; more

Check out the hottest mobile IT stories for July 14, including the new mobile ad campaign from Ford, what popular Google app just got an iOS version, the hang-up that could prevent the 5.5-inch iPhone from coming out in 2014, the wireless provider with the best performance in U.S. cities and the disconnect on Cat6 manufacturers and mobile operators.

Splunk teams up with Ford

Once again, big data shows us it can be helpful--or not so much, depending on your perspective. That suggested police speed trap for instance is helpful to police and to public safety, but few drivers would find it a welcome development. Ditto on the tracking of individual driver behavior which could help public safety but also trap drivers in higher insurance rates, too.

Ford uses big data to 'stay green'

Ford says it "considers analytics and big data--in and out of vehicles--the next frontier for innovation, competition and productivity." Its latest innovation to come from big data use is eco-conscious designs and user abilities to further "green" their car ownership. 

Finding the sweet spot between hardware and software

As complex mechanical goods become increasingly networked and feature-driven, software may comprise a larger part of their overall value.

Ford forges partnership with Spotify, expands AppLink

BARCELONA, Spain--Ford revealed a new partnership with Spotify as part of its strategy to further expand its Sync AppLink program to include new developer partners. 

Ford turns car into app development platform

Eager to incorporate more voice-enabled apps into its cars, Ford Motor just rolled out a program to lure application developers to its platform. The Ford Developer Program, which resembles initiatives at Apple, Google and Facebook, gives developers a way to integrate their software with the auto maker's SYNC AppLink onboard system, reports Darryl K. Taft at eWeek.

Glympse, Ford team on in-car location sharing

Ford Motor Company is adding Glympse's voice-enabled location sharing application to its SYNC AppLink in-car software platform, offering motorists a hands-free option for updating their travel schedule.