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Resistance to Hadoop is futile, says Forrester

Forrester analysts say in a  new report  that Hadoop is no longer an option but a necessity for all businesses. The report also predicts that SQL will become Hadoop's killer app next year. But is it true that Hadoop is the be all, end all in big data? Let's take a look. 

CIOs: Focus on emerging tech to keep business, customers happy

New research from Forrester finds that CIOs need to focus on customer-facing emerging tech and the demands that come along with it to make the organization run smoothly, keep customers happy and help the bottom line.

Forrester 2014 ECM and archiving survey opens

Forrester's  2014 online survey for Enterprise Content Management and Content Archiving  is underway. The analyst firm is looking for input from anyone in the public or private sector who is willing to shed some light on their experiences surrounding ECM and archiving platforms.

Marketers need to adopt mobile-unique approach to mobile ads

Marketers need to adopt a mobile-unique approach to mobile advertising, rather than a mobile-first approach, advises Forrester Research.

Compliance, video portals could shake SharePoint partners

Enterprises have enjoyed a mutually beneficial relationship between developer partners and Microsoft's SharePoint for some time--allowing the nearly ubiquitous software to jive with legacy systems and business-specific tools. But compliance and video updates unveiled at last week's SharePoint Conference in Las Vegas could unnerve some of the partners on which Microsoft relies.

Forrester report finds CMIS adoption slow but steady as standard matures

Forrester research found the CMIS standard has shown slow but steady progress.

Mobile will be game-changer for many organizations this year, Forrester says

Mobile technology, cloud computing and big data will continue to dominate headlines this year, and Forrester predicts that mobile especially will have the ability to transform entire businesses.

US BYOD policies may not translate in Europe

Corporations with staff or entire offices in Europe may have trouble applying BYOD policies "made in America" to employees across the pond.

EU Data Protection Regulation implementation postponed

"Those who are rejoicing over the postponement shouldn't pop the champagne corks yet, though," writes Martha Bennett, an analyst at Forrester. "While the extra time is no doubt welcome, headlines such as 'Victory for tech giants on EU data laws' are premature: nothing is finalized, and there is still the chance that the final version is rather more restrictive than many would hope."

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