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Latest Headlines

Retailers put mobile efforts as their top priority

More than half of retailers said mobile efforts are a top priority, identifying responsive design, mobile site optimization, and tablet redesign as focus areas, according to a survey of 70 retailers by Shop.org and Forrester Research.

Mobility, big data will combine to transform enterprises, says Forrester

Mobility and big data will combine to transform the way firms do business, particularly how they relate to their customers, predicts Forrester Research.

Wearable devices need clearer use cases for mainstream adoption, says Strategy Analytics

Wearable devices need clearer use cases for widespread adoption, judges Paul Brown, director of Strategy Analytics' user experience innovation practice.

Using hackathons to harvest enterprise apps

Enterprises, particularly technology and design firms as well as system integrators, are increasingly hosting internal hackathons, says Forrester in a new report. These events allow employees who don't typically work together to collaborate and experiment with new technologies and generate fresh ideas to address company challenges.

Mobile BI set to take off in the enterprise, says Forrester

The mobile business intelligence products are beginning to take hold in the enterprise, according to a new report by Forrester Research.

News scan: Brother, can you spare a byte?; Please, take photos; more

Quick takes on Friday, 11/1 news including: the fate of chief digital officers in the workforce, Macy's encouragement of in-store photos, iPad's fall from the top, new KitKat mobile OS for Android and the growth of the Wi-Fi enabled system.

Spotlight: Apple offers iWork for free

During the launch of its new iPhone 5S and 5C, Apple made an announcement to cheer those who use their iPhones for work.

Firms are missing the boat on mobile analytics, warns Forrester

More than half of firms have not implemented mobile analytics products, according to a survey of 350 eBusiness professionals by Forrester Research.

Business, IT at odds on network infrastructure investments

Business and IT leaders are at odds when it comes to making smart network infrastructure investments. That is among the findings of a new study by Forrester Research, "The Expectation Gap Increases Between Business and IT Leaders."

Forrester: Enterprises will make 18% of tablet purchases in 2017

Around 18 percent of the 381 million tablet purchases will be made directly by enterprises in 2017, according to a forecast by Forrester Research.