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Latest Headlines

FTC warns Android app developers about privacy issues raised by Silverpush TV listening software

The Federal Trade Commission has sent letters to 12 Android app developers warning them about using Silverpush software, which turns on a mobile device's microphone to listen for audio signals embedded in TV ads.

Regulations, cybersecurity main hurdles left for autonomous vehicles

Connected cars and autonomous vehicles are coming; it's just a matter of when and how. The technology is essentially viable, and now it's up to U.S. lawmakers, government agency officials and industry executives to come to an agreement on making these rolling mobile devices street legal.

FTC cracks down on snake-oil mobile healthcare apps

The Federal Trade Commission has cracked down on Carrot Neurotechnology, makers of the Ultimeyer mobile app that claimed to improve users' eyesight, for making deceptive claims.

When is unlimited data not unlimited?

Riddle me this--when is unlimited data not unlimited? Answer: When you throttle it. Sounds like a riddle posed by the Riddler to Batman, but it's actually the argument of the Federal Trade Commission in a lawsuit against AT&T.

News Scan: FTC files complaint against Amazon over in-app purchases; TSMC ships first chips to Apple; more

Check out the hottest mobile IT stories for Friday, July 11, including FTC complaints against Amazon for unauthorized in-app purchases by kids, how mobile site redirects are hurting e-retailers, Apple's CarPlay is to be installed in 24 million cars in 2019, VoLTE driving IMS deployments and the first chip shipment from TSMC to Apple.

Federal agencies target 'Un-carrier' T-Mobile for un-customer-friendly practice of cramming

Despite its portrayal as being a new kind of carrier focused on the customer, T-Mobile USA is being accused by the FTC and probed by the FCC for the time-honored carrier practice of "cramming" customers' phone bills with bogus charges. 

Mobile app developers take note – federal COPPA crackdown coming

Mobile app developers will feel the heat from the Federal Trade Commission's crackdown on children's data collection that violates the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act, according to Jules Polonetsky, executive director of the privacy think tank Future of Privacy Forum.

Federal regulators clamp down on mobile firms

Two federal regulatory agencies have levied stiff penalties on two firms for infractions in the mobility space.

Facebook's dodgy privacy record prompts FTC warning over WhatsApp buy

Facebook's dodgy privacy record has prompted the Federal Trade Commission to take the extraordinary step of warning the social media giant about its proposed $19 billion acquisition of mobile messaging startup WhatsApp.

Precision marketing uses big data, mobility for insight on consumers

Founded in 2011 by Bill Seibel, Mobiquity focuses on helping firms make the most out of the mobile universe. Seibel recently shared his thoughts with FierceMobileIT about where the IT world has been and where it is going, with mobility generating the next wave of technological change.