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Latest Headlines

Desktops still office workhorse, but mobile becoming go-to work device

While mobile devices continue to carve a widening niche within the enterprise, various reports find that desktop computers are still needed for complex tasks, and the most efficient repertoire in the near-future will include phones, tablets, wearables and desktops.

Threats to corporate digital assets are on the rise--and boards are taking notice

Major threats to corporate digital assets are increasingly under attack both in terms of size and impact on the companies, warns John Wheeler, research director at Gartner. And those threats are percolating up to the board level.

Many workplaces will be wireless even for non-mobile devices, predicts Gartner

Reflecting the shift to a wireless workplace, Gartner predicts that 40 percent of enterprises will use Wi-Fi as the default connection even for non-mobile devices, such as desktops, desk phones, projectors, and conference room.

More good BYOD news: It helps the bottom line

Few things prompt a bigger smile from a CIO than the opportunity to save money. With that in mind, the latest news on BYOD programs must have many IT leaders positively beaming.

Gartner urges content marketers to adopt newsroom habits

Jake Sorofman says that "for content marketers, there's useful inspiration in hewing to newsroom habits." Does this mean there should be a lot of copying and pasting from news media? No, he says. It's better to organize like newsrooms.

Gartner: Manufacturing, utilities and transportation industry will lead in IoT use next year

Manufacturing, utilities and transportation will be the top three verticals using Internet of Things devices in 2015, with 736 million connected devices in use next year, forecasts Gartner.

Gartner: Mobile marketing, digital ads duke it out for most digital marketing dollars in 2015

Next year, mobile marketing and digital advertising will share the top rank for digital marketing spend, according to Gartner.

Gartner says views that public cloud is insecure are wrong

Challenging the common perception that the public cloud is insecure, Gartner says that there have been "very few security breaches in the public cloud," with most breaches involving on-premises environments.

Enterprises will move from perimeter defense to risk-based security, says Gartner

Enterprises will increasingly move toward risk-based security and away from the mirage of achieving a 100 percent secured environment through perimeter defense, judges Gartner.

Mobility is one of the hottest IT skills right now, says Gartner

Experience with mobility is one of the IT skills in highest demand, according to research firm Gartner.