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Latest Headlines

Global IT spending now said to decline in 2015

Global spending on IT will drop in 2015, not increase, as several prior predictions had indicated.

HP admits it can't compete in public cloud

An HP cloud executive has come to the realization that the company is drifting paddle-free, so to speak, when it comes to the public cloud.

Private clouds fail most of the time

Thinking about private cloud for your applications? Hopefully yours won't be one of the 95 percent of companies that have tried--and failed--to use a private cloud for services and application deployment.

US CIOs lag behind foreign counterparts in grasping relevance of advanced tech

CIOs in the United States lag behind their counterparts in other countries when it comes to understanding the relevance of advanced technologies such as sensors, augmented reality, robots and thinking machines.

Enterprises drag their feet on IoT leadership

Despite all of the hype over the Internet of Things, few businesses have established clear leadership for their IoT plans.

Spotlight: Don't get left behind by the Internet of Things

The Internet of Things is still one of those topics not fully understood, but it will have an impact on networks everywhere. And it will be soon.

Spotlight: Mobile commerce to make up half of digital commerce revenue in 2 years

Reflecting the recent explosion of mobile commerce activity, market research firm Gartner is forecasting that mobile commerce will generate half of all revenues from digital commerce by 2017, up from 22 percent of digital commerce revenue currently.

Enterprises look to MADP vendors to help with mobile app projects

In response to an explosion of enterprise mobility, firms are looking to mobile application development platform vendors to help them build out their portfolio of both internal- and external-facing mobile apps.

News Scan: Android users not sweet on Lollipop; Banks beef up mobile banking; more

Check out the hottest mobile IT stories for Monday, Jan. 12, including Android users slow adoption to Lollipop, banks increasing mobile banking budgets by 52 percent this year, Apple's App Store received big user attention in the first week of January, airports expanding beacon deployments this year and low mobile device demand accounting for Gartner's revision of the IT spending forecast for 2015.

Desktops still office workhorse, but mobile becoming go-to work device

While mobile devices continue to carve a widening niche within the enterprise, various reports find that desktop computers are still needed for complex tasks, and the most efficient repertoire in the near-future will include phones, tablets, wearables and desktops.