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Latest Headlines

More than one-quarter of head-mounted displays will be designed for the enterprise in 2018, says Gartner

Virtual and augmented reality head-mounted displays, like the Oculus Rift or Microsoft HoloLens, will not only make major strides in the consumer market this year, but also in enterprises, predicted Gartner.

Spotlight: Gartner predicts algorithms will further take place of 'gut feel' decision making

Gartner predicts that as the Internet continues to tear down the physical hurdles to doing business, large enterprises will start to rely more on advanced analytics and proprietary algorithms over "gut feel."

Gartner: Most enterprises will have chief data officers, but the path won't be easy

With the huge influx of data hitting large enterprises, someone is needed at a top level to make sense of it all. With that trend in mind, Gartner predicts that by 2019, 90 percent of major organizations will have a chief data officer.

Spotlight: Public cloud's growth spurt will continue this year

It doesn't feel like it was all that many years ago cloud discussions began and ended with an explanation of this newfangled technology.

Smartphones will rule mobile device shipments, says Gartner

Gartner is forecasting that by the end of this year, 82 percent of mobile phones shipped worldwide will be smartphones, up an impressive 12 percent from last year.

Gartner finds IT spending plummets in 2015, expects little growth in 2016

Worldwide IT spending in 2015 took a large overall hit, dropping 5.8 percent year-over-year, according to Gartner.

The holidays and Windows 10 didn't save the PC market in the fourth quarter

IDC and Gartner are both reporting steep continued declines in PC shipments, indicating that neither Windows 10 nor the holidays managed to reverse an ongoing trend away from PCs. 

DevOps on the rise, but organizations still not getting desired results

If Gartner's predictions earlier this year have come to pass, then DevOps methodologies have shifted from a niche to a mainstream practice within the Global 2000. And it does appear that DevOps has gained a lot of traction this year, although enterprises are finding the methodologies and practices are not yet providing the results they'd hoped for.

Virtustream gets no love from VMware as vendor walks away from joint venture with EMC

There's an odd situation right now between VMware and its parent company, EMC. The planned joint Virtustream venture will now be a solo one. VMware has opted out of the arrangement after investors clearly showed a dislike for the idea; and the company plans to continue running its vCloud Air cloud offering.

Infographic: MPLS is no longer the only transport connection in WAN, but it's far from dead

As more WAN traffic shifts to the public Internet using software-defined WAN technologies, the more expensive MPLS transport technology may be waning. But as noted by Mushroom Networks, the hybrid WAN that many enterprises will favor over the next few years doesn't mean MPLS is on the way out.