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Latest Headlines

Accellion, Box, Citrix and Syncplicity are top EFSS vendors, says Gartner

Accellion, Box, Citrix and Syncplicity are the leading vendors in the enterprise file sync and sharing market, according to the latest Gartner Magic Quadrant report.

News Scan: PC sales continue to decline; Colleges not producing grads with the skills organizations require; More

The top news stories for July 10, 2015.

Mobile phones only bright spot in stagnating device market

I came across some interesting stats from Gartner. It seems that mobile phone shipments are expected to be the only bright spot in an otherwise stagnant device market.

Ten agile development tips CIOs need to know

Done well, agile development can be a key tool for the CIO in dealing with increasing business demand for innovation. But agile is complex, and not intended for all development efforts. Gartner offers insights on when to use it and how to do it best.

Firms must keep pace with fast moving cloud market to survive

Those organizations that change along with cloud technology will find themselves in the best position to maintain market share, and even dominance, in the process.

Enterprises must adopt flexible approach to mobile app development, Gartner advises

Constantly progressing technologies, trends and preferences will force enterprises to adopt a flexible approach in their mobile app development processes, judged market research firm Gartner.

Gartner forum discusses inherent biases in IT, strategies women can use to "play the game"

Veteran female employees of Gartner shared their thoughts on women in tech with a dose of research to try to quantify the woman's experience in IT and risk. Many women in the Security and Risk Management Summit audience also took the opportunity of the open forum to share tips and voice frustrations on working in a male-dominated space.

IoT, other trends will cause major shifts in IT security operations, Gartner says

CSOs and CISOs who equate forthcoming IT trends – most notably the digitization of core business processes and the Internet of Things – to past shifts in the market couldn't be more wrong, according to a number of Gartner experts.

CISOs need to strike a balance between security controls and business freedom, says Gartner

CISOs need to strike a balance between restrictive security controls and business freedom that will allow their organizations to carry out operations at optimum efficiency, Gartner analyst Ant Allan counseled.

IoT will beat big data as innovation generator, says Gartner

I came across an interesting blog post by Andrew White, research vice president at Gartner. He predicted that the Internet of Things will dwarf big data in terms of its innovative impact.