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Latest Headlines

Is BYOD dead?

I came across an interesting 2014 prediction by IDC--"BYOD as an enterprise mobility strategy is dead." Well, that certainly grabbed my attention.

Are Gen Y employees undermining your BYOD program?

CIOs are already wrestling with how to best manage Bring Your Own Device programs. Now comes word that many Gen Y members of your staff may be thwarting all those good efforts.

Younger computer users 'overconfident' in security knowledge

The tech-savvy may not necessarily be more conscious of protecting their privacy or practicing safe computing, according to a new study sponsored by ZoneAlarm and conducted by Dimensional Research.

Study: Search engines influencing how we remember information

Research from Columbia University has confirmed what most of us have suspected for a while now--that we are committing less to memory, opting instead to remember where information can be found on the

Are you hip to social networking?

Change is taking place at your office whether you like it or not. It is no longer possible to ignore social networking at the workplace or as part of your business model. So are you hip? Or are you

Companies no longer cater to Gen Y

Two years ago, IT managers walked on egg shells trying to keep their Gen Y workers happy. There were age-appropriate perks and easy workplace scenarios. There were jobs that Gen Y tech people liked

Can Gen Y IT pros weather the recession?

Are Generation Y professionals equipped to handle the economic downturn and possible layoffs? Some may think they are ill prepared, but workplace and Gen Y experts tell CIO.com that this generation

Gen Y gets a rude awakening in the work world

For those recent college graduates lucky enough to have an IT job, the workplace may come as a bit of a shock. No, not necessarily because of the hours or even the work itself, but because of the