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Latest Headlines

GE announces revenue from its IoT software business to hit $1.1 billion this year

It's not all that unusual for a General Electric (GE) business to hit the billion dollar mark, but as Quentin Hardy put it, GE's Internet of Things, or IoT, software business is "probably the fastest a GE business has hit the $1 billion mark." You can expect GE to pull in even more from this business arm because it has one heck of a great IoT strategy.

Industry consortium to develop IoT standards, technology

A consortium of heavy hitting IT firms will develop engineering standards for the Internet of Things to enable interoperability among networks and devices and improved access to big data for organizations.

Getting maximum value from your big data initiative

After decades of trying to get value out of their data assets, companies and government agencies in the United States are finally realizing business value from big data, management consultants Paul Barth and Randy Bean write at Harvard Business Review.

GE unveils 'Industrial Internet'

General Electric unveiled a collection of "Industrial Internet" technologies to help specific business sectors reduce wasted costs and improve operations. Airlines, railroads, healthcare firms, manufacturers and energy companies all stand to benefit from enhancing the connections between their machines and the Internet, according to GE.

GE turns to tech workers in the auto industry

There is often opportunity in chaos. General Electric is taking advantage of the chaos in Michigan and also helping a lot of unemployed high-tech workers. With the decline of the auto industry, many

GE to open big tech facility in Michigan

The state of Michigan is mired in a very deep recession, hard hit by the wreckage of the automobile industry. So it must be welcome news that General Electric has announced that it will open an