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Latest Headlines

GM hires lobbyists to push autonomous vehicles on Capitol Hill

According to a lobbying disclosure filed with Congress, General Motors has enlisted The Fritts Group to lobby on its behalf in the issue areas of connected cars, autonomous vehicles, cybersecurity and privacy.

GM taps infotainment head to be cybersecurity chief for connected cars

Apparently, General Motors doesn't want a high-profile security breach to be added to the list of its current woes involving massive recalls because of defective products.

Reasons to consider insourcing

A growing number of companies are considering abandoning their outsourcers in favor of internal expertise. General Motors has drawn perhaps the most headlines lately for bringing IT back in-house, but the auto maker is far from unique, write Andy Sealock and Christopher Stacy in a post at Forbes.

Chevrolet adds Apple's Siri voice controls to in-car infotainment system

General Motors is the first automaker to integrate Apple's Siri voice assistant technology into its vehicles, enhancing its Chevrolet MyLink in-car infotainment system to offer drivers a hands-free option for accessing mobile communication and multimedia services.

GM to hire 3000 IT pros away from outsourcer

General Motors is expected to hire 3,000 IT professionals away from Hewlett-Packard over the next six months. The IT pros currently work on GM projects for HP, which has long been one of the automaker's main outsourcing firms, reports Chris Murphy at  InformationWeek.

General Motors sets up IT innovation center in Texas

General Motors is shifting into high gear with its effort to reduce reliance on outsourcers, having just established an IT innovation facility in Austin, Texas, reports Chris Murphy at InformationWeek.

Can GM's IT transformation initiative succeed?

General Motors' IT operations are undergoing a fast-paced transformation under the leadership of CIO Randy Mott, and  InformationWeek' s Chris Murphy is keeping close tabs on it. 

GM to no longer pay for ads on Facebook

Everyone's feeling the pressure to jump on the social media bandwagon, but General Motors has shifted its social media marketing effort into reverse this week.

SoundOff: What we've learned about the cloud in 2011

Another year has passed and chief information officers have a bit more information about this thing called "the cloud." But many CIOs still haven't made the leap, partially because comparing internal

OnStar bolsters Android app for new Chevrolet Volt

General Motors' OnStar in-vehicle safety and communication services unit announced it will leverage Google's Android technologies to develop a series of new features slated for integration with the