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Latest Headlines

After 'close calls' between drones and commercial aircrafts, Sen. Schumer calls for geofencing tech

Democratic Senator Charles Schumer of New York is moving forward in efforts to make drones safer. His plan is to introduce legislation soon that would make geofencing mandatory.

Freckle IoT, Blue Bite aim to create North America's largest proximity network

Beacons pick up on information from the phones of passers-by and sends them offers and coupons from retailers in the vicinity. There are a number of beacon companies offering such services to retailers but Freckle IoT and Blue Bite are one-upping the game by creating what they claim is the largest proximity network in North America.

Mobile geo-fencing makes gains inside the office and inside stores

Enterprises are looking for new ways to handle the rise of bring your own device and one emerging strategy is the use of geofencing.

LANDesk's purchase of Wavelink finally paying off with new cloud-based MDM capability

With the integration of enterprise mobility capabilities into its new Secure User Management Suite, LANDesk Software's acquisition of cloud-based mobility device management firm Wavelink last year is finally paying off.