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Latest Headlines

PlaceUs tracks user location for family and friends, excludes advertisers

Alohar Mobile launched a new app this week called PlaceUs that gives contextually aware location information to a user's small group of family and friends, according to a story at  Gigaom.

Sen. Franken's anti-stalking bill could restrict location-based mobile advertising

Sen. Al Franken has proposed a bill that would ban clandestine location-tracking apps, but mobile advertisers could suffer as a result.

Rise of anti-social, secretly social apps presents hurdle for marketers

Mobile geolocation data has proven transformative for mobile marketers who view check-ins and in-store promotions as a boon to business. But a new mobile app could signal a sea change for mobile data collection.

Foursquare teams with SinglePlatform to add restaurant menus

Location-based mobile social network foursquare is collaborating with restaraurant solutions startup SinglePlatform to integrate data on more than 13,000,000 menu items available across close to

Is 2012 the year for geolocation apps?

Location-based apps received a lot of attention in 2011, with both Facebook and Groupon investing in geolocation software, and foursquare racking up over 15 million users worldwide. Despite this,