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Latest Headlines

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Check out the hottest mobile IT news for Nov. 13, including the newest iteration of BlackBerry's enterprise platform, the latest investment in a mobile gaming company, how high tablets jumped this quarter, how popular mobile transactions will be and the effect mobility has had in Africa.

News Scan: Microsoft unveils free Office apps for iPhone; Glu Mobile sues Hothead for copying its mobile game; more

Check out the hottest mobile IT news for Nov. 6, including Microsoft revamping its Office apps for iOS, game developers at odds over copyrights, the boost IoT is giving semiconductor, how Africa has moved to mostly mobile and Bluetooth vs. WAN in wearables.

News Scan: Happy 10th, mobile malware; Glu Mobile wants $30M in IPO; more

Check out the hottest mobile IT stories for June 2, including 10 years of mobile malware, Glu Mobile starting an IPO, executives primarily using tablets, the best mobile functionality in banking and the next step for vehicle active control systems.

Glu fears bigger-than-expected Q3 losses after Q2 revenue slump

Glu Mobile warned investors to brace for bigger-than-expected losses in the current quarter after the game publisher reported second quarter revenues of $24.4 million, down 16.5 percent year-over-year.

Is there money to be made in app loyalty programs?

Increasing app engagement is no easy task. While it's hard enough to get new users for an app, retaining that userbase is no piece of cake either. Loyalty programs are one method that some app developers are now using to tackle this issue. Loyalty programs are nothing new, of course, nor are advertising efforts to engage users. Credit card companies already use these programs to encourage members to spend money and gain rewards.  So what makes mobile app loyalty programs--like those from Pocket Change and others--special?

'Candy Crush Saga' maker King ditches in-app advertising business

King, the company behind the wildly popular mobile game Candy Crush Saga, announced it will discontinue its mobile advertising efforts, instead focusing solely on revenue from in-app purchases.

Glu CEO: It's easier to compete with established franchises in mobile

Glu Mobile CEO Niccolo de Masi acknowledged that it's very difficult to create a franchise in the mobile gaming space on the scale of Rovio Entertainment's Angry Birds. However, he said the sheer volume of new mobile games coupled with the fickle tastes of mobile gamers makes it easier for new mobile gaming titles to compete with established brand names.

Glu Mobile, Skillz team to bring real-money Android gaming to U.S.

Glu Mobile is extending its fledgling real-money mobile gaming efforts to the U.S. market, collaborating with cash and virtual currency platform Skillz to integrate skill-based cash tournaments into select Android titles.

Don't bet on mobile real-money gambling in the U.S. anytime soon

Companies from across the mobile app landscape continue to discuss the possibility of mobile "real-money gambling" in the United States as if it could instantly reverse revenue declines and immediately stimulate the hotly contested application industry. However, right now there's little indication that real-money gambling is anywhere near becoming a reality here--but that hasn't stopped some of the market's biggest players from seeking a toe-hold in the space.

Glu cuts 12% of workforce, delays release of planned games

Glu Mobile said it would cut 12 percent of its workforce, or around 67 employees. The actions will leave the company with around 564 employees. However, Glu said the job cuts are part of an effort to centralize and streamline the production of games, and the company continues to hire new employees in specific functions. As a result, Glu said it expects to end 2013 with 580 employees.