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Latest Headlines

GM CFO turns to big data analysis, kills Chevrolet in Europe

Sometimes, the way to prosperity is to stop throwing good money after bad. 

News Scan: Amazon to launch smartphone on June 18; GM develops mobile app that scans license plate; more

Check out the hottest mobile IT news for June 5, including the not-so-secret launch of Amazon's smartphone, an app that helps you text other driver's based on their license plate, the alleviating transition to MIMO Wi-Fi, the top Canadian bank in mobile and the changing reign in the microwave gear market.

Hadoop appears to be everywhere lately, except in big data

Hadoop, the database everyone associates with big data, has had a run of more traditional deployment lately, which is good for Hadoop, but also still good for those looking for more proof of its ability to scale.

In a potential breakthrough for Google, GM signs deal for Google Apps

Despite a stumble with its latest Gmail app for the iPhone and iPad, Google (Nasdaq: GOOG) is continuing to push deeper into the enterprise email and collaboration space, signing a deal with General