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Latest Headlines

Google removes Android's stock email app, unifies behind Gmail

Google has killed its baked-in email app in Lollipop, the latest iteration of the Android OS, which could upset enterprise users. The stock Android email app filled a niche for many professionals who used it for their work accounts, while using Gmail for personal accounts.

Gmail outage traced to certificate expiration

Many Gmail users were unintentionally shut out of receiving email messages this past Saturday, when Google alllowed one of its root certificates to expire.

Spotlight: Google updates Gmail with time-saving iOS 8 features

Google has updated Gmail for iOS by adding time-saving iOS 8 features, TechCrunch reported.

At last, Inbox heading to Google Apps for Work

Inbox by Gmail is moving to the office. Google plans to roll out Inbox for Google Apps to a small group of users next month.

Spotlight: Google unveils Inbox invite program for Google Apps for Work customers

Google is launching an invite process that enables Google Apps for Work administrators to request acces to Google's Inbox, reported TechCrunch.

Google is working on an 'Undo Send' feature for Inbox by Gmail app

The Inbox by Gmail app team has an "Undo Send" email feature up its sleeve, though it failed to make the cut in time for its October launch

Report: 5 million Google account logins, passwords leaked

A text file allegedly containing around five million logins and passwords for Google accounts was published earlier this week on the Bitcoin Security board, a Russian cybersecurity forum.

Move by Goldman Sachs to 'unsend' email raises important questions about data ownership

An attempt by Goldman Sachs to have Google block access to a sent email raises some serious questions with regards to data access, especially given the widespread cloud deployment and pervasive state-level surveillance that we are seeing today.

NSA surveillance revelations prompt shift to encrypted emails

In the aftermath of the revelations about widespread National Security Agency surveillance, more email users are turning to encryption to secure their emails.

Google adds extra encryption for Gmail, but remains silent on other apps

A couple of weeks ago, Google made an announcement that it has enabled end-to-end data encryption for messages handled by the company's Gmail service. This means that every email message that is sent and received is encrypted while moving internally, explained Nicolas Lidzborski, the engineer lead for Gmail Security.