Latest Headlines

Latest Headlines

Only a tiny percentage of companies are actually using cloud email

Gartner looked at records for 40,000 public companies and found that only 13 percent use cloud email.   

Google rolls out Data Loss Prevention for Gmail

A couple years after Microsoft did the same with Office 365, Google announced a new Gmail feature aimed at helping businesses ensure that sensitive information stays within the corporate network. 

Spotlight: Google warns the email you think you encrypted might not end up that way

Google said in a recent research paper that some emails users think they are sending securely and encrypted can end up downgraded to plaintext through no fault of their own.

Smart Reply for Google's Inbox app answers your emails for you

Google is rolling out Smart Reply, a new capability in its Inbox app that determines if an email can be easily answered with a short, standard reply. The feature uses machine learning to comprehend incoming emails and generate responses. 

Gmail to automatically add business travel details to Google Calendar

Google is adding a feature to Gmail that automatically adds events to Calendar based on travel information in emails, Google announced on Tuesday.

Elastica uncovers Google Drive-based phishing campaign with sophisticated code obfuscation

Security researchers from Elastica released findings Monday about a new Google Drive-based phishing campaign in which attackers have deployed phishing web pages on Google Drive and are sending phishing Gmails to targets.

Never have another email regret with Gmail's 'undo send'

Google has been offering "undo send" as a Gmail Labs feature but yesterday it said it is adding the feature for all Gmail users.

Google seeks to reinvent email as Gmail users approach a billion users

Google hopes to change email with Inbox service that exists on top of Gmail.

Google removes Android's stock email app, unifies behind Gmail

Google has killed its baked-in email app in Lollipop, the latest iteration of the Android OS, which could upset enterprise users. The stock Android email app filled a niche for many professionals who used it for their work accounts, while using Gmail for personal accounts.

Gmail outage traced to certificate expiration

Many Gmail users were unintentionally shut out of receiving email messages this past Saturday, when Google alllowed one of its root certificates to expire.