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Latest Headlines

Google to phase out passwords for Android apps

Google announced a plan to phase out traditional passwords for Android apps and replace them with newly developed "trust scores" at a developer's panel Friday at Google's I/O, reported Android Authority.

Google, Levi's team on connected denim jacket that controls your phone from your sleeve

Google and Levi's unveiled Friday at Google's I/O conference a connected Levi's denim jacket that will enable users to answer phone calls, control music, access naviation and other actions by touch the jacket's sleeve.

What Google's jump into mobile messaging encryption means for user privacy and the FBI

Add Google to the list of tech companies that are challenging the FBI's efforts to restrict encryption in mobile devices and messaging apps.

Google just gave us something to talk about: Chromebooks outsold Macs for the first time

Chromebooks hit a major milestone in the first quarter: They have officially outsold Apple's Macs for the first time in the U.S., according to data from market research firm IDC.

Google reveals 2 messaging apps, mobile VR platform and more at I/O 2016

Google's kickoff to its 2016 I/O conference Wednesday proved an undeniable truth: Mobile is king.

Spotlight: Google is fighting a $112,000 'right to be forgotten' fine from France

According to Computerworld, the French National Commission on Computing and Liberty slapped the tech giant with a €100,000 ($112,000) fine for failure to comply with at 2015 order. 

Google more tightly integrates Firebase with Google Cloud Platform

Google has more tightly integrated its Firebase backend as a service offering with Google Cloud Platform, giving developers the ability to store images, videos and other large files while also increasing its scalability.

Google could be focusing on a better mobile messaging app, chat bots during I/O 2016

Google may be ready to seriously upgrade its mobile messaging platform at its 2016 I/O conference, if rumors prove true.

Oracle quantifies how it lost tens of millions to Google

The latest on the Oracle versus Google front paints Oracle as a sympathetic party. Oracle co-CEO Safra Catz testified in court yesterday that the database giant had no choice but to give premiere customers like Amazon and Samsung "massive discounts" in order to compete with Google's Android, Business Insider reported.

Spotlight: Only 10 sites on Chrome will run Adobe's Flash Player, according to Google's new plan

According to CIO, Google is setting its sights on making HTML5 the standard on Chrome by the end of the year, excepting 10 sites that will run Adobe's Flash Player.