Latest Headlines

Latest Headlines

Microsoft raises Azure prices... but not in the U.S.

A recent update to Microsoft Azure pricing that actually increases the price for customers not billed in U.S. greenbacks may signal that the race to the bottom may finally be at least slowing.

Tempered Glass: Google's revamped smartglasses project will reportedly focus on the enterprise

It seems that the latest push for Google Glass – which the company never truly gave up on – will focus on the workplace and professionals who would benefit from a hands-free, eye-activated computer system. Reports of unnamed sources "familiar" with the next iteration of Google Glass said the company has started referring to the project as "Enterprise Edition" or "Google Glass EE."

Don't put your cookout plans on hold to solve your cloud crisis: Google has an app for that

IT admins no longer have to rush into the office on weekends to fix a mission-critical problem with their cloud services. Instead, they can fire up the new mobile app from Google and fix the problem without having to cancel their cookout with family and friends.

Linux Foundation launches R Consortium

The Linux Foundation launched the R Consortium centered on the popular R language and designed to unite and support technical and user communities, the members of which include about 2 million data scientists. And the new R Consortium is backed by some hefty industry players and founding companies, including Microsoft, RStudio, TIBCO, Alteryx, Google, HP, Mango Solutions, Ketchum Trading and Oracle.

Spotlight: Oracle scores temporary victory in API dispute with Google

Oracle has won a victory, albeit temporary, with the Supreme Court over an API dispute it's been having with Google. Oracle believes it owns copyright over Java-based APIs and is currently suing...

Google provides distributed load testing using Docker, Kubernetes

Google is looking to minimize the work needed by development teams to do proper load testing on their applications. The company released a reference implementation and a whitepaper outlining how to use Google Cloud Platform and Kubernetes to run distributed load testing on apps.

Google launches cloud project repository after planning Code closure

The Google Code repository isn't quite closed yet, and even though Google has shifted all of its own projects over to GitHub, the company has just launched the beta of a new repository service.

Matterport wants to open VR to the average business

There are a million and one businesses and entrepreneurs that could make use of a virtual reality imaging device. But only a handful are willing or able to pony up the sometimes $50,000 for a device to capture 360 degree images that build a VR scene. Startup Matterport is looking to change that.

Free Hadoop on-demand training comes with $500 in credit for Google Cloud

MapR has teamed with Google Cloud to provide $500 in credit for Google Cloud Platform services for everyone who registers for MapR's free Hadoop On-Demand Training program. But it's not a reward for signing up; it's more like a subsidy or scholarship to cover the costs of creating virtual environments to complete the required lab exercises in each course. 

Spotlight: Google Container Engine goes into beta

Momentum is building around containers, and Google is getting ready to release its own container orchestration and management system, based on its own Kubernetes open source project. Google Container...