Latest Headlines

Latest Headlines

Microsoft dominates in cloud apps among enterprises, but Google hangs on to smaller businesses

After a giant surge this year, Microsoft is the leader in cloud productivity apps in the enterprise. The company took the title from the only king the space has ever known, Google Apps, in a seemingly surprising development, though the numbers begin to make sense when looking at the market on the whole.

Chrome to pause non-important Flash content by default

Flash takes one more step into the sunset as Google confirms that non-important Flash content will soon be paused by default.

If Google asks if you're up for a challenge, don't be skeptical – You're just being recruited

Google appears to be using a novel technique to find talented engineers, according to a tale told by a recent hire. 

Google Container Engine now generally available

Google Container Engine went into beta in June, and after a two-month preview period, the cloud provider's container management and orchestration tool is now generally available to Google Cloud Platform customers.

Gmail to automatically add business travel details to Google Calendar

Google is adding a feature to Gmail that automatically adds events to Calendar based on travel information in emails, Google announced on Tuesday.

Google lets users mail physical drives for Cloud Storage

Google officially launched its Offline Media Import/Export service that allows users and businesses to mail in their physical drives for upload to Google Cloud Storage.

Microsoft's container strategy demystified

Microsoft has more than dipped a toe into the containerization pool, but the company's container strategy is anything but simple.

Spotlight: Mail your hard drives to Google

Who needs fast connections to the cloud when you have FedEx (or UPS or the USPS, etc., etc.)? After a two-year preview, Google officially launched what it's calling the Offline Media Import/Export service.

PagerDuty integrates with VMware Socialcast for faster time to resolution

Ahead of VMworld, which takes place in San Francisco next week, PagerDuty completed the integration of its operations performance management tool with VMware's Socialcast social collaboration tool.

Microsoft pushes Cortana open beta testing to Android, squares up against Google Now on its home turf

Microsoft today released an Android public beta for its virtual assistant Cortana, according to a blog post from the company. The release will pit Cortana squarely against Google's own voice-activated assistance offering Google Now.