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Here's Google's vision for how phones, watches and IoT will work together

Google developers offered up some details about how they built some of Android's location-aware apps, like an automatic car finder feature, and said that new products like watches and connected devices promise much more interesting apps in the future. 

Google seeks to reinvent email as Gmail users approach a billion users

Google hopes to change email with Inbox service that exists on top of Gmail.

Google Cloud Messaging to embrace iOS

At Google I/O in San Francisco, Google Cloud Messaging got an update that includes push notification support for iOS, as well as the ability for developers to set up "topics" inside their applications.

Just what IoT needs: A new OS and communications layer, this time from Google

This morning Google announced that it will introduce a stripped down version of Android designed to run Internet of Things devices. It also said it will offer a communications layer so that devices can communicate with each other, the Internet and phones.

Moleskine unveils TimePage calendar iOS app that syncs multiple calendars, contacts

Moleskine unveiled Thursday its TimePage calendar app for iPhone and Apple Watch, which combines weather, maps and contacts with native calendar syncing across iCloud, Google and Exchange.

MobileIron releases toolkit for enterprises to test Android for Work

MobileIron released a new toolkit Wednesday for organizations interested in whether the revamped Android for Work will fit their mobile device management needs.

Salesforce makes Wave more attractive with Cloudera, Hortonworks, Google integrations

Salesforce is rolling out some integrations with a few additional data sources in hopes of making its Wave analytics offering more appealing to users. Cloudera, Hortonworks, Google and New Relic are among the companies with new integrations.

Virtual reality check: When will VR enter the enterprise?

Over the next decade, virtual reality technology has the chance to change the fundamental way that hands-on professionals operate in the field, office or classroom, according to an industry expert.

Google removes Android's stock email app, unifies behind Gmail

Google has killed its baked-in email app in Lollipop, the latest iteration of the Android OS, which could upset enterprise users. The stock Android email app filled a niche for many professionals who used it for their work accounts, while using Gmail for personal accounts.

Flawed factory reset may expose millions of Android devices

A new study from Cambridge University estimates that the disk partitions of as many as 500 million Android devices may not be properly scrubbed after being reset at the factory, potentially allowing for login credentials, email messages and other personal data to be recovered.