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Latest Headlines

Virtual reality check: When will VR enter the enterprise?

Over the next decade, virtual reality technology has the chance to change the fundamental way that hands-on professionals operate in the field, office or classroom, according to an industry expert.

Google removes Android's stock email app, unifies behind Gmail

Google has killed its baked-in email app in Lollipop, the latest iteration of the Android OS, which could upset enterprise users. The stock Android email app filled a niche for many professionals who used it for their work accounts, while using Gmail for personal accounts.

Flawed factory reset may expose millions of Android devices

A new study from Cambridge University estimates that the disk partitions of as many as 500 million Android devices may not be properly scrubbed after being reset at the factory, potentially allowing for login credentials, email messages and other personal data to be recovered.

Report: Google working on IoT operating system under Android brand

Google is working on an operating system to run Internet of Things devices under the Android brand, according to a report by The Information, citing people familiar with the project.

It's still networking, but be prepared to learn a lot more about software

With changes in network design coming through the likes of software-defined networking and network functions virtualization solutions, the role of the network administrator is also changing. And so are the skills needed to stay on top of emerging technologies.

Google likely to announce next Android OS with focus on work features at I/O developer confab

Google may have tipped its hand this week about its next Android operating system, "Android M," reported Ron Amadeo at  Ars Technica.

News Scan: Microsoft said to be considering Salesforce.com bid; Meanwhile, SAP CEO says, 'thanks, but no thanks'; More

The top news stories for May 6, 2015.

Microsoft Stacks the deck at Ignite

It's conference season for Microsoft. Last week, we covered news from the company's developer-oriented Build conference. And this week, Microsoft is deep into the more general purpose Ignite conference.

Security researchers have field day bypassing Google's Password Alert tool

Security researchers are having a field day finding holes in Google's new Chrome extension called Password Alert designed to improve password security by warning when users' passwords are being phished.

Watch out, Docker: Red Hat, VMware, Google, Apcera now support CoreOS's Rocket

CoreOS, which built its business on Docker but has since developed its own competitive container technology, may very well give the top containerization company a run for its money. At the kickoff of its inaugural CoreOS Fest event in San Francisco, the company announced a handful of big guns, including Google, Red Hat, VMware and Apcera, as supporters of its Rocket container technology.