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Latest Headlines

Google Keep users can now dictate notes on their Android Wear smartwatch

While all eyes were on Apple as its Apple Watch began arriving in stores Friday, Google quietly unveiled an update to its notetaking Keep app designed to make it more user friendly for Android Wear smartwatch users.

It's official: Amazon Web Services is big business

For the first time today, Amazon disclosed revenue for Amazon Web Services. In the quarter ending in March, net sales for AWS were $1.57 billion. Annually, that would make AWS a $6 billion business.

Bug bounty programs work for the giants but pose problems for others

While bug bounty programs work for the likes of Google and Facebook, such programs aren't easy to implement. Experts weighed in with advice about how to best run a bug bounty program.   

Tech firms up lobbying ante, with Google leading the pack

Several tech giants have poured millions of dollars into lobbying efforts in the Nation's Capital and upped their game to get into good graces with lawmakers. Leading the pack in high tech is Google, which spent $5.47 million this past quarter.

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Google updates Android Wear ahead of Apple Watch release

Google today introduced some new features to Android Wear that could help boost its cachet in the enterprise, according to a blog post from the company. With the impending release of the Apple Watch, Google could use any traction it can muster to avoid Cupertino blotting it out in the bring-your-own-wearable space.

Initial tests of QUIC protocol positive, says Google

The search giant plans to eventually propose its QUIC transport protocol to the IETF.

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Google makes Android for Work available on nearly all Android devices

Google pushed Android for Work to its Play Store on Thursday, making the container technology it announced in February available for anyone running a partnered enterprise mobility management solution on Android 4.0 or higher.

Spotlight: You're already using IPv6

Even if you haven't switched your networking architecture over to IPv6 yet, chances are you're already using it elsewhere.