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Latest Headlines

Apache Incubator accepts IBM's SystemML for open source development

IBM announced Tuesday that SystemML, a machine learning tool the company created, has been accepted into the Apache Incubator to further develop the tech for open-source uses.

New cloud head may change Google's fortune in the enterprise

A significant hire last week could put Google on the fast track toward capturing additional market shares in the growing public cloud space. The company brought on former VMware founder and CEO Diane Greene to lead the entire Google Cloud business and drive new opportunities.

Spotlight: Google unveils Android Studio 2.0 beta

Google announced at its Android Dev Summit Monday a new beta version of its Android Studio integrated development environment.

Cumulonimbusiness: Google to merge all cloud services under former VMware CEO

Google announced plans yesterday to unify all of its cloud businesses under a new executive, Diane Greene, co-founder and former CEO of VMware.

Google lets you tailor VMs to your needs

Google has added a new feature that enables IT professionals to customize the virtual machines they have on Google Cloud Platform. The idea is instead of having a set number of different types and sizes of VMs available for purchase, now organizations can set their own parameters and create VMs specific to the needs of their workloads.

Experimental Chrome feature may make your business websites more responsive

Google is experimenting with a new feature in Chrome that will allocate browser resource based on the level of engagement with websites.

Spotlight: Google revamps cloud business for greater customization

Google launched Wednesday a new way for businesses to purchase their cloud computing needs.

Google reportedly working on 3 Google Glass successors

Google is reportedly working on three new prototypes to succeed its original Google Glass device, according to a report from The Information.

Google steps up mobile digital assistant game

Google is stepping up its efforts in the mobile digital assistant game, according to a post on the official Google Search blog. The voice assistant found in the Google mobile application now better understands the natural speech of humans and is smarter when it comes to the context of questions people ask.

Spotlight: Google teams with ASUS on an HDMI OS stick

Google and ASUS Tuesday launched their Chromebit, an HDMI dongle that can turn a TV into a Chrome OS device.