Latest Headlines

Latest Headlines

Google to clamp down on fake download buttons

Google has started blocking websites that resort to trickery to get users to click on content they would not normally view.

Dodgy Type-C USB cable kills expensive Chromebook Pixel

Google engineer Benson Leung blows the whistle this week on a Type-C USB cable that killed his Chromebook Pixel.

Despite rapid growth rates, Microsoft and Google had little impact on AWS in Q4, says Synergy

Microsoft and Google are by far the fastest growing cloud providers, but for all their growth, they had little effect on the juggernaut that is Amazon Web Services as the year closed.

Both Microsoft and Google want a piece of the Parse customer base

Parse may not have been much of a moneymaker for Facebook (at least according to reports), but it didn't take long for competitors to start trying to attract existing Parse users to their own backend as a service and cloud database offerings.

Spotlight: Google faces lawsuit from college students over alleged illegal data siphoning

A group of former and current University of California, Berkeley students have filed suit against Google, claiming the tech giant illegally siphoned information from their university accounts linked to Google apps.

Google boosts size limit for Compute Engine block storage

Google has increased the size limit of its block storage products to 3 TB for its high-speed local SSD and to 64 TB of its persistent disk services.

Google reportedly testing drones to deliver 5G wireless

Google is reportedly testing solar-powered drones for the purpose of delivering high-speed Internet from the skies, the Guardian said in a report on Friday. The tests are apparently taking place at Spaceport America in New Mexico.

Only a tiny percentage of companies are actually using cloud email

Gartner looked at records for 40,000 public companies and found that only 13 percent use cloud email.   

Google's patent for drone delivery receptacles shows potential, raises questions

Google has received a patent for the design of a drone delivery receptacle that could be a step forward for Google's hush-hush drone delivery project and could make drone delivery more accessible for many.

Facebook prepares to say 'so long' to Parse

Parse's days are now numbered, as Facebook, which acquired the company in 2013, announced in a blog post that the service is heading for retirement.