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Latest Headlines

Android app developers get more beta-testing options

Google is providing Android app developers new beta-testing options, including open beta and closed beta usuing email addresses, Ellie Powers, product manager for Google Play, announced Thursday in a blog post.

Google brings on wireless operators to help push Android for Work

Google today announced partnerships with eight mobile carriers to further push the adoption of its Android for Work container technology. This marks the latest move by the tech giant to rehabilitate the image of its mobile operating system as too insecure for enterprise deployments.

Elastica uncovers Google Drive-based phishing campaign with sophisticated code obfuscation

Security researchers from Elastica released findings Monday about a new Google Drive-based phishing campaign in which attackers have deployed phishing web pages on Google Drive and are sending phishing Gmails to targets.

Here's what recent cloud earnings reports say about smaller cloud providers

Amazon Web Services, Microsoft, IBM and Google are really dominating the public cloud market, making it increasingly difficult for smaller, niche service providers to stay afloat. 

Neo4j sees graph-based search taking bigger hold on big data

Graph-based search has pretty much been the province of giants like Facebook and Google who use it to manage huge volumes of content and make data available in real-time to users. But like semantic search, graph-based search is beginning to take hold in more companies and industries. Take a look at where this came from and where its going. 

Bug in Chrome 44 prevents some websites from loading properly

A new bug introduced in the latest version of Google's Chrome browser could prevent some websites from loading properly. 

Google looks to attract long-term users with cold storage promotions

Google is launching its cold storage service, Nearline, to general availability and is making some special offers in hopes of enticing switchers from Amazon Web Service's Glacier. 

Rook Security offers free security tools to detect Hacking Team exploits

As a number of major vendors, including Microsoft, scramble to issue emergency patches to fix software vulnerabilities uncovered in the Hacking Team breach, a security company has stepped up to offer a free tool to scan for the zero-day vulnerabilities and other security exploits and techniques that have now been publicly revealed.

Google patches a dozen high-risk vulnerabilities in Chrome browser

Google patched a dozen high-risk vulnerabilities this week as part of a security update that fixed 43 security flaws in Chrome browser.

Google releases Kubernetes 1.0; New cloud, container-based computing foundation launches

The Cloud Native Computing Foundation, designed to accelerate the development of cloud native applications and services and drive container-based computing, launched Tuesday. The foundation is housed in the Linux Foundation, and its founding members list includes some of the industry's biggest names and brightest minds.