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Latest Headlines

Which industries will adopt wearables first?

When it comes to wearables, the question isn't "if" companies will introduce them to the workplace but "when." And some industries have already begun to explore the potential of the burgeoning new tech space.

New research highlights danger of using Google Glass when driving

A new study suggests that using a hands-free device such as Google Glass while driving is no safer than texting.

Microsoft Research's Hyperlapse algorithms smooth first-person video data

Beyond rendering some really great personal experience and action videos, this accomplishment can lead to a much needed means to examine, compare and analyze video data from nearly any camera source, including those in extreme environments.

CIOs breathe sigh of relief as likelihood of Google Glass release this year slips

CIOs can breathe a collective sigh of relief--for now--as signs point to Google Glass not being officially launched this year after all.

Wearables market: Collapse or explosion?

Everyone is abuzz about the latest wearable gadget being released--whether it's Google Glass, the Android Wear smartwatch, the latest Fitbit or the mythical iWatch. But some analysts are predicting a market collapse for wearables while others see unstoppable growth.

A short history of wearables

Wearable devices are all the rage today. They range from Bluetooth headsets and health and activity trackers to Google Glass that brings the digital age right before your eyes.

News Scan: Apple's iOS 8 to include split-screen feature; BlackBerry opens BB 10 OS to MDM vendors; more

Read the latest mobile IT news for May 13, including the rumors abound about the Apple's iOS 8, BlackBerry's opening of BB 10 for MDM vendors, the (lack of) difference based on gender for CIOs, how mPOS is becoming a fixture and why $150 in materials adds up to $1,500 in Google Glass.

In case of emergency, don't break Glass

Steve Horng, an emergency physician at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Boston, has been testing Google Glass in the emergency room. Google Glass enables ER doctors to see a patient's records and status without having to look up the information on a computer screen.

Google Glass as a security, privacy concern for the enterprise

Employees bringing Google Glass into the enterprise could pose more security and privacy risks than employees with their smartphones and tablets, explained Sharon Anolik, president and founder of Privacy Panacea.

Brits don't trust cryptocurrency, Google Glass, surveys find

Two of the most hyped technologies in tech circles are cryptocurrency and wearables. However, recent studies show the average U.K. customer is not as excited about them, and in fact is worried about the security and privacy risks of these technologies.