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Latest Headlines

Report: New hardware division for Google, ex-Motorola president at helm

Google is a getting a bona fide hardware division, Re/code reported Thursday. The division will house the development of Nexus devices, Chromecast streaming TV technology, consumer hardware, Google Glass and more.  

Enterprise wearables are beyond pilot programs- they're ready for the big time

Enterprises wearables are past the point of pilot projects and are now being put to real use in businesses, according to a new white paper published by research firm Tractica.

This Las Vegas AC repair company uses Google Glass for honesty, education, safety

Recently, a Las Vegas air conditioning and furnace repair company sent a technician on a service call to fix a furnace. During the job, the tech had a question, so he turned on his smartglasses to get troubleshooting help from other pros, including company owner Stephen Gamst, who were back in the office. Everything was going smoothly, until it wasn't, Gamst recalled.

Google kills Glass social media accounts, focuses on Enterprise Edition

Google Glass can no longer be found on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or any other social media site, and the Google Glass name is essentially dead, according to a discovery by 9to5Google. However, the Enterprise Edition of the Glass technology is just starting to awaken.

Google reportedly working on 3 Google Glass successors

Google is reportedly working on three new prototypes to succeed its original Google Glass device, according to a report from The Information.

Microsoft HoloLens could be the new desktop

Augmented reality – or AR – platforms like HoloLens could take the place of desktops in a work environment, according to the latest information from research firm Tractica.

Next Google Glass will be more rugged, water resistant and foldable

The Google Glass Enterprise Edition is expected to be more rugged, water resistant, and foldable, making it more suitable for use in industrial settings, 9to5 Google reported.

Insurance company finds success in Google Glass trial

A 90-year-old insurance company has found success in Google Glass, according to an article at Baseline. Pennsylvania-based Erie Insurance Group suited up their adjusters with the smartglasses in December 2014 and wrapped up the trial in February of this year.

Rumored enterprise Google Glass would be step toward future of mobile computing, says Appian CEO

With rumors heating up that the next iteration of Google's dormant Glass product line will be professionally focused, leaders in the app development space are envisioning the many enterprise use cases for the smartglasses. Appian CEO Matt Calkins sees this reported step by Google as important in the natural evolution of Glass from a sideshow to a fully interactive business workflow facilitator.

Tempered Glass: Google's revamped smartglasses project will reportedly focus on the enterprise

It seems that the latest push for Google Glass – which the company never truly gave up on – will focus on the workplace and professionals who would benefit from a hands-free, eye-activated computer system. Reports of unnamed sources "familiar" with the next iteration of Google Glass said the company has started referring to the project as "Enterprise Edition" or "Google Glass EE."