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Latest Headlines

News Scan: Google Glass for sale on Tax Day; Online travel sites expand mobile offerings; more

Check out the hottest mobile IT news for April 14, including a Tax Day release for Google Glass, the future of mobility with travel sites, how Microsoft is squeezing its OS onto tablets, how health insurers might help foot the bill for iWatches and growth in the tablet processor industry.

Lord of the Ring: Mobile payment at your fingertips

Ever wanted to pay your restaurant tab by waving your finger in the air? Well, a startup in Japan is developing a "ring" worn on your index finger that connects via Bluetooth to your smartphone and sends the payment electronically, explains a report by BBC News.

Securing wearable technology in the enterprise

Wearable devices are the latest disruption to the mobile ecosystem, raising new concerns for businesses around security, privacy and compliance.

Google Glass in the office? Get legal on board

The latest wave of wearable mobile technology is on the market, and what's on the market will inevitably try to make its way inside the doors of the enterprise. Organizations that have, until now, had little interaction between the CIO shop and the legal department could soon find the carpet wearing thin between the offices.

News Scan: Virgin Atlantic takes Glass for a test flight; FTC mulls privacy of retailer tracking; more

The latest mobile IT news for Feb. 11, including the incorporation of Google Glass in both Virgin Atlantic and the NYPD, the Federal Trade Commission's view on consumer data tracking by retailers, Sprint's buyer's remorse in the T-Mobile deal and Google extending its administrator functions to iOS users.

Enterprises will be initial targets of smartglass vendors, predicts ABI

Enterprises will be the initial targets of smartglass vendors, because high prices, low battery battery life and style issues will inhibit smartglass adoption in the consumer market, judges ABI Research.

Majority of highest performing IT teams deploy enterprise app stores, says Accenture

More than half of the highest performing IT teams have deployed enterprise app stores, according to Accenture.

News Scan: Smartphone users fret about privacy; Hyundai integrates Google Glass; more

Quick takes on the latest mobile IT news for Monday, Jan 6 including: a recent survey's results pointing to a collective worry for smartphone security, plans for Google Glass integration into the new Hyundai Genesis by 2015, Lenovo's new small ThinkPad tablet designed for the enterprise, Gartner's thoughts on PC and mobile device functions melding and the details on Microsoft's Surface Pro 2 fix on Patch Tuesday.

News Scan: Healthcare apps coming to a doctor near you; IT should crack down on Google Glass; more

Quick takes on mobile IT news for Monday, 12/16 including: the continuing growth of healthcare apps to help diagnose illness and offer solutions, the need for IT to make Google Glass policy, the many uses for BYOD not involving the office and the question of Android's future as a platform in 2014.

Google Glass has a way to go in operating room, says surgeon

Google Glass is useful as an adjunct device for surgery, but it still has a way to go before it can be a true surgical tool. That is the judgment of Pierre Theodore--a cardiothoracic surgeon at the University of California at San Francisco Medical Center--who has been testing Google Glass in the operating room for three months.