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Latest Headlines

Latest Headlines

Google Now finally lets users customize their news feed

Google Now will let you block all content from publishers that rub you the wrong way.

Having a heart attack? Don't count on Cortana to help

While Siri, Cortana and other digital assistants might be good at finding a nearby restaurant, they are not so good in helping out in an emergency.

Cortana now mines email so you don't forget to do what you've promised

Microsoft continues to build out its Cortana digital assistant offering, today announcing two new capabilities that further glean information from user data to provide tailored information.

Apple's reported acquisition of AI startup Emotient could mean a boost for Siri

Apple has reportedly purchased artificial intelligence startup Emotient, a company that uses human facial expressions to analyze emotions, according to the Wall Street Journal.

Competition among digital assistants heating up, but users not impressed

While competition is intense among vendors offering digital assistants, users are not impressed, according to Bob O'Donnell, founder and chief analyst at Technalysis Research.

Google steps up mobile digital assistant game

Google is stepping up its efforts in the mobile digital assistant game, according to a post on the official Google Search blog. The voice assistant found in the Google mobile application now better understands the natural speech of humans and is smarter when it comes to the context of questions people ask.

Apple's Siri: First to market and still most popular

Apple's Siri – the first mobile digital assistant to the market – is still the most popular, beating out new comers Microsoft's Cortana and Google Now in a survey of users by Expert Exchange.

Recent acquisitions see Apple bolstering digital assistant Siri

Apple continued to gird its artificial intelligence portfolio recently with the acquisition of a startup called Perceptio. Add that to another recent acquisition, natural language-focused VocalIQ, and it seems that the company is trying to make a push in the increasingly heated mobile digital assistant space.

Cortana to go head-to-head with Siri, Google Now

Microsoft is pitting its virtual assistant, Cortana, directly against Siri and Google Now with new apps for iPhone and Android. The new capabilities may prove useful for the many mobile workers who use Windows computers but carry iPhones or Android devices. 

Enterprise virtual assistant tech may be on the horizon

If Apple and Google get their way, Siri and Google Now might soon vie for attention as your virtual secretary. According to news reports, both smartphone manufacturers are looking at ways connect their virtual assistant technology to enterprise data to give workers a whole new way of accessing company apps and information.