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Latest Headlines

Google starts rolling out update for easier app beta testing

Google just made it easier to beta test Android apps with its new Google Play store update, according to a recent report by Android Police.

Lookout finds 13 malicious Brain Test apps in Google Play

Researchers at security firm Lookout have uncovered 13 malicious apps in Google Play that matched the characteristics of Brain Test, an adware family that roots victims' Android devices.

IT security pros beware: Android apps seek 235 different permissions from users

A recent study of Android apps on Google Play will do nothing to ease data security concerns of IT security pros about BYOD. The Pew Research Center studied more than 1 million apps on Google Play and found that they seek a total of more than 235 different permissions from users.

Android app developers get more beta-testing options

Google is providing Android app developers new beta-testing options, including open beta and closed beta usuing email addresses, Ellie Powers, product manager for Google Play, announced Thursday in a blog post.

Hacking Team breach discloses Android exploit that tricked Google Play security

The Hacking Team, the Italian surveillance firm that was hacked recently, had developed Android malware that was able to sidestep Google's security checks and appear on Google Play as a legitimate news app called BeNews, according to security firm Trend Micro.

LaunchKit aims to make it easy for time-strapped mobile app developers to build promo websites

For the independent mobile developer, building an enterprise app is only half the battle. In a crowded market, getting the word out through a Web-based campaign can help put an effective app over the top, but few teams—often undermanned and overworked—choose to devote resources or lack the expertise to design marketing strategies.

Intel provides free Android app to remotely control PC with smartphone or tablet

Android users can now use their mobile devices to control their PCs with a free application from Intel.

Millions of mobile apps store personal data insecurely in the cloud

Medical and banking mobile apps, as well as other mobile apps, could be at risk from hackers because of a flaw in the way app data is stored in cloud databases, according to researchers at Darmstadt Technology University and the Fraunhofer Institute for Security Information Technology.

Spotlight: SwiftKey publishes Android keyboard app on Google Play

Third-party keyboard app SwiftKey on Thursday made its SwiftKey for Android available on Google Play.

Fear the Droid: 8 IT security risks posed by Android

For enterprises that allow BYOD but don't have a security platform for Android devices, security risks abound. InformationWeek has identified eight Android security issues that IT should be concerned about.