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Latest Headlines

Fees for downloading mobile games will disappear, predicts EA

Paying a fee to download a mobile game is "slowly disappearing," says Blake Jorgensen, chief financial officer at gaming firm Electronic Arts.

Bitcoin mining malware hidden in Google Play apps

Mobile security company Lookout discovered five apps on the Google Play market that provided more than the "beating heart" and "epic smoke" wallpapers they advertised. Hidden beneath the animated veneer was malware that forced the user's smartphone to download Bitcoins, which were then transferred to proxy accounts.

Spotlight: New Android bug could 'brick' devices

A new Android bug could cause Android smartphones and tablets to get stuck in an "endless reboot loop," effectively turning the device into a brick, warn Trend Micro researchers

News Scan: Enterprises want mobile app developers; Windows 9 is on the horizon; more

Quick takes on the latest mobile IT news for Monday, 1/13 including: why enterprises are seeking mobile app developers so diligently this year, bright and shiny Windows 9 in our near future, Google's work to increase capabilities of those who develop Android apps, words of wisdom for small firms on the BYOD phenomenon and what the CEO of BoxTone has to say about the value of mobility.

Reengineered Google Play apps steal data, warns BitDefender

Around 5,077 applications, or 1.2 percent, of 420,646 Google Play apps analyzed by security firm Bitdefender are stolen from other developers and re-engineered to steal data and perform other malicious activities, related Loredana Botezatu, e-threat analyst for Bitdefender, in a blog.

Google Play yanks unofficial iMessage app for violating store policies

The Google Play storefront has removed an application enabling Android users to access archrival Apple's iMessage chat service. The app, dubbed iMessage Chat and built by Android developer Daniel Zweigart, was removed for violating Play store policies, a Google spokesperson told  Computerworld.

Jolla's Android-compatible Sailfish OS devices will not ship with Google Play

Android-compatible smartphones running Jolla's open-source Sailfish mobile operating system will ship with the company's own mobile app store instead of the Google Play storefront app, Jolla CEO Tomi Pienimäki told  Forbes.

Amazon's new API lets developers sell Amazon's physical goods as in-app purchases

Amazon launched its Mobile Associates API, enabling Android developer partners to merchandise millions of Amazon.com physical and digital items within apps and games sold via the online retail giant's Appstore for Android and the rival Google Play.

Google requires Android games to use Play in-app billing for virtual goods sales

Google is updating its Google Play Developer Program Policies to require developers selling virtual goods or currencies within Android games to leverage the digital storefront's in-app billing service to process all transactions.

Citrix unveils Worx App Gallery mobile app ecosystem

Virtualization firm Citrix has unveiled its Worx App Gallery, a mobile app ecosystem that enables employees using iOS and Android mobile devices to download secure enterprise apps from the Citrix unified app store, as well as from Apple's App Store and Google Play.