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Latest Headlines

UK government could use 'big data' to select service, pre-fill forms in behalf of citizens; will US follow suit?

According to a new report, the U.K. government could increase the usefulness of its big data work by using it to pre-fill service request forms for citizens, tailor services to individuals and groups of citizens, aka as personalization, and to better monitor quality and delivery of services on a local and individual level.

'Dirty data' could lead to multitude of open data issues

Open data is a big part of government transparency initiatives throughout the world but Senior Public Sector Specialist Victoria Lemieux says data quality issues could hamper even the best intentions.

AU government edges closer to total Drupal-based website unification

Australia's plan to combine its multiple governmental websites onto one Drupal-based CMS platform is really starting to come together. Australia's Department of Finance announced this week plans to migrate  Australia.gov.au and finance.gov.au to its new online content management system, govCMS, powered by digital business company Acquia.

Utah leads state governments in mobile-friendly strategy

Mobile devices have become the tech tool of choice among Americans, and Utah has responded by becoming the most mobile-friendly state government in the nation.

Homeland Security automated file system slower than hand processing

The Department of Homeland Security and U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services hatched a great plan several years ago to automate the immigration and citizenship benefits program. It launched in 2007 and seven years later only nine e-file documents are available online. In fact, the entire filing procedure takes longer now than when the agencies processed the documents by hand.

Chicago: City of big data?

Chicago has been all aboard the big data train since it pulled up to the station. But Chicago isn't just along for the ride. The city is striving to create an embedded sensor network dubbed the "Array of Things" to lay the track to its future as the reigning "City of Big Data."

Praise, criticism as groups dissect White House big data report

The recent White House report on big data continues to gather mixed reactions, with advocacy and lobbying groups lining up to offer both praise and concerns.

Answer Census Bureau email or Uncle Sam will use big data to find, count you

t's the same old, same old. A headcount, whether it's done in person by a census worker or online by said head owner or mined from databases, is still just a headcount.

39% of big data developers say 'government agencies are spying on our data'

It's perfectly reasonable to think the government may be spying on data that app developers possess. Have you looked at commercial mobile app permission requirements lately? Almost all of them ask for permission to record sound, make calls, pictures and videos, read your social media posts and other suspicious activities all without any indication to the device owner that such is happening. So, there's reason to suspect government spying on app data, but is that really happening? 

Nonprofit delivers data pool, visualizations for research and public use

Big data is not an entirely one-sided affair