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Latest Headlines

BlackBerry could benefit from NSA snooping

The scandal around the National Security Agency could work to the benefit of Canadian firm BlackBerry, especially among foreign governments.

T-Mobile USA teams with iPass, Deutsche Tekecom for global, secure access to hotspots

T-Mobile USA announced the Global Corporate Access (GCA) solution to address multinational corporations, U.S. enterprises and government agencies looking for consistent and secure access to Wi-Fi

Verizon, LiveCast Media launch HD mobile video service for businesses

Verizon Wireless (NYSE: VZ) announced a service with LiveCast Media called 4G Mobile Reporter that will use the operator's high-speed LTE wireless network to send live high-definition video using a

California says goodbye to half of government-issued cell phones

California Governor Jerry Brown's state is in a budget crisis; as a result, he has now directed state agencies to take back nearly 48,000 government-paid phones, or half of the 96,000 mobile phones

Report: Unisys to push Apple products into businesses, government agencies

Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL) has made a deal with Unisys to help it sell more Apple products to businesses and U.S. government agencies. According to a report in Bloomberg, the deal calls for Unisys to

AT&T announces asset tracking offering

AT&T announced an asset tracking application for businesses and government agencies that is designed to monitor and report the location of portable assets in field operations such as machinery,

A ban on Qualcomm?

Broadcom has made a formal request to the US ITC to ban all imports of phones with Qualcomm chips. The request, based on patent infringement claims, is directed at phones using WCDMA and EV-DO

Shhh! Paint stops RF

Some of the same properties that make radio frequency communications so valuable--the abilities to cover relatively large distances and ignore walls and barriers--can make managing RF coverage

Niches strong for wireless apps

Wireless applications are being adopted at a rapid pace by healthcare and government agencies as they scramble to keep pace with the increasing demands that stem from growing populations and

How to know when VoIP isn't the right solution

Everything you read these days about Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) seems to highlight how cost effective it can be. But it's not a one-size-fits all technology and sometimes, when researched