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Where GPS fails, IndoorAtlas' geomagnetic technology steps in

There's one big problem with location-based services that use GPS; it can't reach inside buildings. Location-based startup IndoorAtlas came up with a solution to this problem: use a building's magnetic field to locate mobile users.

New mobile app helps police track down hit-and-run drivers

A new mobile app called the Medina Alert system enables anyone with a smartphone to report hit-and-run drivers in Colorado. Ten other states are considering deploying a similar app.

Survey: Mobile IT tech could cut product pick-up, delivery times by close to one-third

The deployment of advanced mobile IT technology could cut product pick-up and delivery times by close to a third, according to a survey of 375 transport and logistics managers in six countries conducted by Vanson Bourne on behalf of Intermec.

Greed, power and ego are costing you time and money

Expansion of LTE, and thus better wireless data connections for you, could be on hold for a very long time.

Why transparency is crucial to the success of mobility

Carrier IQ really isn't doing anything nearly as bad as everyone said. Had the phone companies that use Carrier IQ been forthcoming in the first place, and had Carrier IQ operated with full transparency, there would have been no story.

LightSquared challenges FCC ruling to deny operation, cites Fifth Amendment

LightSquared, the Reston, Va. company that had planned to create a nationwide 4G LTE wholesale data network until its operations plans were denied by the Federal Communications Commission, has filed

Spotlight: LightSquared tries to rise from the dead

Billionaire investor Philip Falcone has hired two prominent lawyers in an attempt to bring LightSquared back from its Federal Communications Commission-mandated oblivion. LightSquared has received

LightSquared CEO resigns amid regulatory failure

Sanjiv Ahuja has resigned as CEO of embattled LightSquared following the company's failure to get regulatory approval to operate its 4G LTE network. Ahuja will be replaced by Chief Network Officer

FCC mandates GPS for all phones by 2018

The Federal Communications Commission will require all operators (including voice-over-IP service providers) to integrate GPS by 2018, a move designed to enable first responders to more accurately

Apple denies tracking location of iPhone

After a flurry of news reports that devices running Apple's (NASDAQ: AAPL) iOS mobile operating system store user location data in a hidden file, Apple has finally commented on the issue. "Apple is