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Latest Headlines

GREE: Top iOS games grossing 4x more than a year ago

Japanese gaming giant GREE said Apple's iOS has become a far more lucrative development platform over the last 12 months, thanks in part to the iPad tablet's emergence as a gaming device.

GREE lays off U.S. staffers ahead of OpenFeint shutdown

Japanese gaming giant GREE is reorganizing its U.S. operations, sunsetting its OpenFeint mobile social platform and laying off staff.

GREE scoops up 'Dino Life' developer App Ant Studios

Japanese gaming giant GREE continues to strengthen its U.S. presence by acquiring San Francisco-based App Ant Studios, the mobile social gaming startup behind the Android title  Dino Life. Financial details were not disclosed.

Chartboost lets mobile game developers tap GREE, CrowdStar ad budgets

Chartboost is expanding its Kiosk mobile gaming promotions program, enabling developers to generate revenue by selling in-game advertising inventory to social gaming firms GREE, CrowdStar, Kabam and Booyah.

GREE acquires mobile game maker Funzio for $210M

Japanese mobile gaming platform GREE has acquired Funzio, the U.S. developer behind hit titles like Crime City, Modern War and Kingdom Age. Financial details were not disclosed, although multiple

GREE expands to U.S. market with 'Zombie Jombie' for iOS

Japanese mobile gaming platform GREE is rolling out Zombie Jombie, the first title produced in the company's new San Francisco-area studio. Zombie Jombie enables users to become raise and

GREE sues rival DeNA for blocking cross-platform mobile game developers

Japanese mobile game platform GREE is suing rival DeNA, claiming the firm is obstructing developers who attempt to roll out their titles across both companies' networks. The suit alleges that DeNA