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Latest Headlines

Want better BYOD policies? Then, lighten up!

When it comes to BYOD programs, you've been reading for months about the need to keep things safe, and keep things sound. Now you're being told to keep everyone happy as well.

IT managers are not backing up BYOD policies with actions

Many IT managers are not backing up their BYOD policies with measures to ensure employees comply with the policies.

Sexes play mobile games same amount but differently, says Amazon/Harris study

The mobile gaming culture is fairly evenly split between men and women, but a new study finds there are definite differences in how the sexes approach the gaming experience.

Infographic: These mobile phone behaviors annoy co-workers

A full 87 percent of U.S. employees said that they are annoyed by their fellow workers mobile phone behaviors, according to a survey of more than 2,000 U.S. adults conducted by Harris Interactive on behalf of Jive Software.

M2M deployment to speed up enterprise mobility, survey finds

The deployment of machine-to-machine communications technology is expected to speed enterprise mobility, according to a survey of IT decision maker by Harris Interactive on behalf of SAP

Users increasingly adopting mobile video calling for work tasks

Improvements in mobile video calling user interfaces and underlying technology will fuel a four-fold increase in users--many of them in the workplace--reaching 160 million by 2017, predicted Juniper Research.

Small firms frustrated by lack of relevant mobile technology

Small businesses, which generate close to half of U.S. GDP, are frustrated by the lack of mobile technologies relevant to their needs, according to a survey of 504 small business owners by Harris Interactive.

Survey: Most companies with BYOD users don't have BYOD policy

Two-thirds of those surveyed who use a personal device say their employer has not implemented a BYOD policy.