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Latest Headlines

News Scan: Facebook's mobile payments move; Wearables drive healthcare big data; more

Check out the hottest mobile IT news for April 16, including Facebook's expanding mobile payment presence in Ireland, just how much Western European healthcare providers are shelling out this year for clinical mobility, fitness wearables driving big data adoption by healthcare organizations, the strong performance by U.S. wireless carriers in Q4 and the predicted growth of the mobile education market.

New cloud offering collects, mines physician brain data

The fact remains that a good bit of the data we need for perfected analysis is still trapped in human brains. Data based on experience, human talent, and boots-on-the-ground observation is among the most valuable data to be had. Therefore I note with interest the launch of Medting--a promising blend of human brain data and digitalized data in one very intriguing package. 

News Scan: Hospitals mull smartphones for nurses; Can you hear me now?; more

Quick rundown on the latest mobile IT news for Wednesday, 3/26 including: more than half of hospitals in the works to evaluate enterprise-class nursing smartphone products over the next year and a half, the lag in smartphone audio development, the demand for softphones, tablets and UC clients for enterprises, open standards sought by mobile enterprise app platform providers and Intel's acquisition of a wearable healthcare device supplier.

Spotlight: 88% of healthcare orgs permit BYOD

The latest Ponemon benchmark study is reviewed by a legal expert, and his findings look like an accident in the operating room.

Infographic: Security risks lurk in social media

The use of social media has exploded over the last few years. Facebook alone has more than 1.2 billion users. Social media is increasingly being used as an enterprise communication and marketing...

Mobile companies get lion's share of VC funding for healthcare IT

Venture capital firms are pouring money into healthcare IT, and mobile health companies are getting the largest share of that funding.

Talent shortage hampers healthcare IT initiatives

Frank Barresi has seen the negative IT job forecasts for 2014, and he's not buying them.

Healthcare.gov: Inside the repair job

The government-run insurance site Healthcare.gov launched with a loud flop on October 1. This much we all know. Now details are emerging of the fix-it process.

3 ways big data will likely change life in the US

Much is said about how big data can transform businesses and fuel innovation in products and services. Indeed it can--and does. But most of those discussions overlook or vaguely generalize how this massive market morphing will affect our daily, individual lives. It's time to take a harder look at that.

Healthcare industry at top of IT job market in 2014

While several recent jobs reports have cast a cloud over IT hiring in 2014, one industry that expects to see no shortage of hiring activity next year is healthcare.