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Latest Headlines

Healthcare wearables will bring $17.8B in yearly revenue by 2021, says Tractica

The health care wearables industry is growing at an exponential rate, and it's not just because of fitness trackers and smartwatches, according to new statistics from research firm Tractica.

The future of consumer genetic data feeds for clinical research apps

A few days ago, 23andMe announced a new ResearchKit module researchers can use to integrate genetic information into their app-based studies. Mount Sinai and LifeMap's Asthma Health app and Stanford Medicine's MyHeart Counts app, both the first to use the module, were immediately released. While the genetic data is limited to 23andMe's 1.2 million plus customers, it's an important step in easily incorporating genetic data in app-based studies – indeed, it's a harbinger of the future of clinical research.

Jive updates collaboration products, rolls out new corporate communications bundle

Jive Software released a batch of updates to some of its existing products this week and also launched a new turn-key employee engagement solution focused on corporate communications.

Infographic: Most IT execs believe their mobile health apps are secure, yet 90% have critical security holes

While most IT execs and consumers believe their mobile health apps are secure, 90 percent of the apps tested positive for two critical security risks, according to a study by mobile app security firm Arxan in the study.

Salesforce rolls out Health cloud, pairing EHRs with customer experience management

Pairing EHRs and other health data with customer experience management platform somehow seemed inevitable and Salesforce has stepped up to the plate with this week's release of Salesforce Health Cloud.

Healthcare, retail to push mobility spending to $1.85T in 2019

I came across some interesting stats from IDC about mobility spending. It seems that the healthcare and retail sectors will lead the charge in terms of spending on mobility, which is expected to jump to $1.85 trillion by 2019 for both enterprise and consumer markets, up from $1.6 trillion last year.

US mega-breaches led to 80% jump in health care data hacks last year

There was an 80 percent increase in health care data hacks last year that affected one in three Americans, according to data from the Department of Health and Human Services analyzed by cloud access security broker Bitglass.

American Society for Clinical Pathology turns to ECM for improved collaboration and organization

The American Society for Clinical Pathology, the go to membership organization for laboratory and clinical professionals across the U.S., aims to digitize the process by creating an online slide library for its 100,000 members. The goal is to develop a central repository for easier collaboration, data collection and analysis.

Infographic: Healthcare pros use mobile devices in a big way

Healthcare professionals are increasingly using mobile devices at work, according to survey data contained an infographic prepared by Samsung Business and published on Forbes.com.

Infographic: Timeline of data breaches, security regs in healthcare

DataMotion Health, a provider of secure communications for healthcare providers, has put together an informative infographic that looks at the history of data breaches and security regulations in the healthcare industry.