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Latest Headlines

Hospital admins struggle to meet EHR management requirements

According to a new study, hospital administrators consider "meeting regulatory requirements" for electronic records management their top priority. Unfortunately, it comes at the expense of nearly every other initiative they would like to undertake.

Top 20 mHealth players generated $2.8 billion in revenues last year, says Visiongain

The top 20 players in the mobile health market generated $2.8 billion in revenues last year, according to market research firm Visiongain.

Big data tracks doctors, dictates patient care

The entire U.S. health care system is deploying electronic health records to facilitate care, cut costs and comply with the Affordable Care Act. From the use of EHR comes big data and the analytics that make it possible to learn from that data. However, there is the possibility that the lessons learned may or may not be the right ones. It all depends on how the information is ultimately used.