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Latest Headlines

Hacker steals protected health data on 151,000 patients at Oregon dentist

Advantage Dental, an Oregon-based provider of dental services, said that HIPAA-protected health information on more than 151 patients was stolen by a hacker who compromised its internal membership database.

Chinese hackers supposedly behind theft of 4.5M patient records

Chinese hackers were apparently behind the theft of 4.5 million patient records, which included social security numbers, from Community Health Systems, a Franklin, Tenn.-based hospital group, said in a filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

Benson Hospital finds solution to BYOD flexibility, security

BYOD practices are especially popular in some healthcare settings, where many physicians and care providers are 'associates' rather than employees. Benson Hospital, near Tucson, Ariz., found a solution to its growing BYOD practice that offers employee flexibility and network security.

Hospitals hit with largest-ever HIPAA fine over patient data exposed to search engines

Two hospitals in New York state have agreed to pay $4.8 million to settle with the Department of Health and Human Services over HIPAA violations.

Despite risks, healthcare is aggressively adopting BYOD

Despite concerns over security and patient information privacy, the healthcare industry is one of the most aggressive when it comes to adopting BYOD.

DNA revolution, biohacking and the two sides of genetic data use

HIPAA protects data privacy in medical settings but maybe not so much in general consumer use.

Giving patients' control of their data eases healthcare privacy concerns

When participants are treated as partners rather than subjects, all benefit from the experience. 

AMA releases new doctors' toolkit to protect patient info, prevent non-healthcare related big data plundering

While those in healthcare, particularly physicians, will find this info helpful, it is also important for everyday people to understand what their doctors should be doing to protect the privacy of their electronic medical records and what the "notice of privacy practices" means to patients. 

For second time this summer, HHS levies million dollar fine for medical data breach

The Health and Human Services Department has levied a $1.2 million fine on Affinity Health Plan for failing to erase protected health information from photocopiers that it returned to leasing agencies.

HHS fines WellPoint $1.7 million for exposing patient records on the web

The Department of Health and Human Services is levying a $1.7 million fine on managed care company WellPoint for exposing health records of 612,402 individuals to the Internet in violation of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act.