Latest Headlines

Latest Headlines

HP adds Microsoft Enterprise Mobility Suite to its mobility services portfolio

Building on a recent accord to offer Office 365 as an HP service, HP is adding Microsoft Enterprise Mobility Suite to its mobility services portfolio.

Analyst: OpenStack may be what's holding back Helion adoption

Last week, reports indicated that HP saw the light--or lack of it--and planned to exit the public cloud market. Of course, it's not true.

HP admits it can't compete in public cloud

An HP cloud executive has come to the realization that the company is drifting paddle-free, so to speak, when it comes to the public cloud.

HP announces major upgrade to Voice of Customer analytics platform for contact centers

HP announced HP Explore 5.0, a major upgrade for its Voice of Customer analytics platform for contact centers. Highlights include an expanded analytics toolkit, improved speech analytics and integration with indirect content such as social media.  

HP delivers OpenStack-in-a-box with Helion Rack

HP is expanding its Helion product portfolio again, this time with a new fully-configured OpenStack- and Cloud Foundry-based private cloud. Dubbed HP Helion Rack, the cloud is clearly aimed at the next generation of internal service providers; in other words, dev, test and ops teams.

HP introduces first Eucalyptus product since acquisition

We can stop speculating now. HP has finally released a new Eucalyptus product--the first of its kind since HP acquired the company back in September. And it looks like Eucalyptus is indeed going to continue supporting Amazon Web Services, the public cloud infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) titan that HP has been trying to take market share from.

Unify wired and wireless for decreased expenses

If managing two different networking infrastructures--one wired, one wireless--is causing too many headaches, then maybe it's time to do away with the old way of doing things and unify the two.

Spotlight: WorksPad combines file management, document editing and email client in one mobile app

MobilityLab unveiled this week its WorksPad app, combining enterprise file sharing, document editing, email, calendar and contacts for iOS and Android devices.

Analysts: Aruba acquisition will be the one HP doesn't mess up

After HP announced that it would be acquiring wireless LAN-focused Aruba Networks earlier this week, I showed some skepticism as to how this would affect Aruba's customers and partners. But after speaking with two analysts for some additional insight, it looks like HP might be doing it right this time.

HP aims to boost wireless portfolio with Aruba buy

After rumors started circulating last week, HP has made it official. The company is looking to competitor Aruba Networks in a deal valued at about $3 billion.