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Latest Headlines

Spotlight: Getting into malicious users' heads

The best security and governance policies developed in the past decade have been those that focus on recovery and resilience as a standard practice rather than a response.

Security worries hold firms back from embracing mobility

Security worries continue to hold enterprises back from embracing mobility, according to a survey of 3,500 IT decision makers in 15 countries by Wakefield Research and commissioned by HP.

New HP layoffs add to growing industry trend

HP CEO Meg Whitman says the tech giant will cut between 11,000 to 16,000 jobs in all business units and locations around the world as part of a growing restructuring effort--adding to the growing list of tech firms announcing workforce reductions.

Spotlight: As OpenStack grows, can it remain open?

Now that HP joins the OpenStack mix, there's new evidence that community members are closing ranks.

News Scan: Sony execs to give back bonuses; HP to invest $1b in the cloud; more

The top news stories for May 13, 2014.

HP to battle Red Hat, IBM in OpenStack space, bottling up Microsoft

A billion-dollar-plus commitment in the open source cloud platform suite will put HP's status on par with Red Hat, and makes the former dominant enterprise player an island unto itself.

Mobile can be a business driver, say panelists

Enterprise mobility has long played an important role for organizations' execution of business processes--from the salesforce delivering presentations on their iPads to warehouse staff using mobile devices to take inventory. But mobile also has the potential to drive the business decisions behind those services, said panelists speaking at the NIST Intersection of Cloud and Mobility Conference.

HP looking to settle some shareholder lawsuits over Autonomy purchase

HP's deal with Autonomy has seemed cursed from the beginning, and they appear to be ready to settle some lawsuits from shareholders upset by the deal.

Does PCI DSS help prevent credit card breaches?

With all of the data breaches at major retailers, the question arises as to whether the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard is working to prevent theft of credit and debit card data.

Tablet LCD panel shipments are expected to slow after vigorous December, says IHS

Shipments of tablet LCD panels are forecast by HIS Technology to slow in the first quarter after surging 43 percent year-over-year in December to reach 31.1 million panels shipped in the month.