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Latest Headlines

HP to sell laptops with built-in privacy filter, starting later this year

HP is set to sell laptops and tablets with built-in privacy filters to help guard against visual hacking in which hackers attempt to gather information or credentials by looking over a user's shoulder. HP said the integrated privacy filter will first be available on its EliteBook 840s later this year. 

5 important networking acquisitions of 2015

The networking industry, like any industry that has been around for so long, always seems to be in the midst of consolidations. Larger vendors frequently purchase smaller companies, beefing up specific capabilities to address enterprise customer needs or buying their way into emerging markets.

These were the most important stories of 2015 and here's why you should care about them

The most important stories from 2015 – a hint at a rebound at Microsoft, Apple's impact on the enterprise, setbacks for women in tech and the continuing struggle of traditional enterprise IT vendors – promise to influence IT in 2016. 

HP still top dog in server sales, white label vendors threaten

White label vendors, which most often supply the massive data centers that run cloud services, have been challenging the traditional big names in the server market. Gartner's research into server shipments and revenue for the third quarter shows that continues to be the case.

IHS names Brocade, Cisco, HP and Huawei leaders in enterprise networking

Maybe these names will come as little surprise when leaders of the enterprise networking space are discussed, but it appears that Brocade, Cisco, HP and Huawei are leading the market. That's according to a new IHS report that analyzed the top six revenue producers in the space.

The old HP signs off with an uninspiring final earnings report

The now-dissolved Hewlett-Packard reported its last quarterly financial report on Tuesday, disappointing Wall Street and providing a lackluster forecast for the two companies it was split into.

HPE Networking looks good as HP closes out its final quarter

With the release of fiscal 2015's fourth quarter results, the final nail in the old HP's coffin has been hammered in. Although sales dropped in almost all categories, there's good news for the newly-formed HP Enterprise – and it's in the networking business.

Spotlight: HP teams with Titan on new smartwatch

HP is teaming with India's Titan to make a smartwatch that will be compatible with both Google's Android Wear and Apple's watchOS, reported InformationWeek.

Microsoft, HP Enterprise partnership will aim to boost Windows 10 adoption among enterprises

The newly formed Hewlett Packard Enterprise will partner with Microsoft to offer services and products aimed to attract the business set to Windows 10. The alliance will also seek to build out joint efforts in new tech for specific industries.

Marten Mickos turns up at the helm of bug bounty platform HackerOne

Marten Mickos, of MySQL and Eucalyptus fame, has landed in a new role, this time at the head of a company called HackerOne.