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Latest Headlines

US firms have a 'bigger bullseye on their back' when it comes to cybercrime, says Ponemon

The average annual cost of cybercrime in the U.S. jumped 20 percent this year, topping $15 million per company, according an annual study conducted by the Ponemon Institute and sponsored by HP.

HP launches OpenSwitch community to boost open networking

HP's latest volley in the war of open versus proprietary networking technology brings together several of the company's supporters in the form of the OpenSwitch community.

Autonomy founder sues HP for $150M over 'smear campaign'

The founder and former CEO of big data firm Autonomy, Mike Lynch, has filed a $150 million lawsuit against HP for what he alleges is a public smear campaign against him and the Autonomy management team after HP's acquisition of his software firm in 2011.

Spotlight: HP reveals new PC lines

HP today announced the latest addition to its line of commercial PCs.

Brocade wants to future-proof campus WLAN investments

A new program from Brocade is intended to ensure future wireless LAN technology continues to perform well on the vendor's wired infrastructure.

HP open networking now supports Pica8's PicOS

HP added support for Pica8's PicOS networking operating system to the Altoline family of open networking switches – something HP first started talking about a month ago, according to eWeek. But now, PicOS is supported across Altoline products.

In new suit, Michigan says it's spent ten years, $27M and HP has delivered nothing

The state of Michigan announced Thursday it is suing HP, charging the company with failing to deliver on a $49 million contract after 10 years, according to a press release from the state. The project was supposed to replace a legacy mainframe system that has run 131 offices under Michigan's Secretary of State Ruth Johnson. However, since 2005, and after $27.5 million paid to the company, the state said that not a single promised function was delivered.

HP releases new versions of Propel and Service Anywhere

Updates to HP Propel and Service Anywhere products are meant to simplify and speed up the delivery of applications and services for end users.

HP beefs up integration between OpenStack, Cloud Foundry in CloudSystem

HP unveiled Helion CloudSystem 9.0 as a private cloud offering that incorporates technology from both HP's Helion OpenStack infrastructure-as-a-service and its Helion Development Platform platform-as-a-service.

HP to lay off 30,000 employees, turn to more automation and outsourcing

HP announced Tuesday that it will be cutting 25,000 to 30,000 jobs in the Hewlett Packard Enterprise division. The company said that doing so will result in $2 billion in annual cost savings.