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Latest Headlines

Mobile can be a business driver, say panelists

Enterprise mobility has long played an important role for organizations' execution of business processes--from the salesforce delivering presentations on their iPads to warehouse staff using mobile devices to take inventory. But mobile also has the potential to drive the business decisions behind those services, said panelists speaking at the NIST Intersection of Cloud and Mobility Conference.

HP looking to settle some shareholder lawsuits over Autonomy purchase

HP's deal with Autonomy has seemed cursed from the beginning, and they appear to be ready to settle some lawsuits from shareholders upset by the deal.

Does PCI DSS help prevent credit card breaches?

With all of the data breaches at major retailers, the question arises as to whether the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard is working to prevent theft of credit and debit card data.

Tablet LCD panel shipments are expected to slow after vigorous December, says IHS

Shipments of tablet LCD panels are forecast by HIS Technology to slow in the first quarter after surging 43 percent year-over-year in December to reach 31.1 million panels shipped in the month.

HP outlines new 'Exploit Unicorn' Pwn2Own category with giant $150K cash prize

Hewlett-Packard's Zero Day Initiative Pwn2Own hacking contest is coming up again, and will feature up to $640K in potential awards for hackers able to find and exploit weaknesses in some of the most widely deployed software in the world.

Companies should take a page from consumer apps

Enterprise apps should be as collaborative and user friendly as consumer apps offered by social media sites such as Facebook and LinkedIn, argues Duncan Campbell, vice president of worldwide marketing for converged infrastructure in HP's Enterprise Group.

HP Teamsite teams with Trilibis on mobile engagement

HP Teamsite teamed up with Trilibis this week to offer website rendering on a variety of devices.

News Scan: Indoor location on steroids; Messaging revenues decline; more

Check out the hottest mobile IT news for Jan. 13, including how companies are revolutionizing indoor location accuracy, the reasons behind the first mobile messaging revenue decline, the much anticipated HP smartphone, a novel way Google Glass could help sleepy drivers and how one company beat Apple to the punch on mobile transactions.

Tablets blamed for steepest PC market decline in history

Growth in tablet sales, particularly in emerging markets, has led to the worst decline in PC market history, according to the latest stats from Gartner.

Typical BYOD device a walking security nightmare

Just as you were getting used to the idea of permitting BYOD comes word that the average smartphone user has over two dozen apps per device, nearly all of which pose security or privacy concerns.