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Latest Headlines

HTC to unveil HTC 10 phone with enterprise-friendly features

HTC is expected to unveil its latest flagship smartphone, the M10, at an online launch event scheduled for April 12, with features of interest to enterprises users

Mobile startup Nextbit to make a play in hardware space

Nextbit, a startup offering moble software and services, has decided to make a play in the hardware space with a new smartphone, Re/code reported.

Spotlight: Wang replaces Chou as CEO of smartphone maker HTC

Amid slumping smartphone sales, Taiwanese handset maker HTC is replacing its CEO. Peter Chou, who has headed the company since 2005, will be stepping down, to be replaced by Cher Wang, the company's co-founder and current chairman.

Beats Electronics unplugs HTC partnership with $265M buyout

Struggling mobile device maker HTC has agreed to sell its remaining 24.84 percent stake in Beats Electronics back to the audio technology firm for $265 million.

Smartphone maker HTC slashes 30 jobs at US facilities

HTC chose Friday the 13th to lay off around 30 employees and contractors at its U.S. facilities, or about 20 percent of its workforce at HTC America, The Verge is reporting.

Microsoft still hasn't solved its Windows Phone app dilemma

Microsoft's purchase of Nokia is doing nothing to pull in app developers, at least in the short term. Developers have expressed little enthusiasm for Windows Phone, and unless Microsoft dramatically boosts device sales, that isn't changing anytime soon.

Report: HTC targeting China with custom smartphone operating system

HTC is developing a custom mobile operating system targeting the massive Chinese consumer market, sources told  The Wall Street Journal.

HTC One leapfrogging to Android 4.3 by end of September

HTC confirmed that all North American variants of its flagship One smartphone will upgrade to Google's Android 4.3 by the end of September, bypassing Android 4.2 in the process.

Is HTC giving up on Windows Phone?

Insiders say Nokia currently accounts for 80 percent of all Windows Phone unit sales, followed by Samsung Electronics, while HTC--once the alpha dog among Windows Phone vendors--has seen its share of the market dwindle below 5 percent worldwide. Now  DigiTimes  is  reporting  that HTC is "likely to drift away from Windows Phone" in favor of going all in on Google's Android. 

Widespread Android flaw opens enterprises up to data theft, warns Bluebox

A widespread vulnerability in Android devices could enable an attacker to turn a legitimate app into a Trojan and steal corporate data, retrieve password and account information, and record phone conversations, warned security firm Bluebox Security.