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Latest Headlines

Samsung gains on Apple in US smartphone market, says comScore

Apple ranked as the top smartphone maker in the United States with 39.2 percent of market, but second place Samsung posted the highest sequential growth rate, according to an online survey by comScore's MobiLens service

Spotlight: US ITC launches probe into HTC over Nokia patent infringement complaint

The U.S. International Trade Commission launched a probe this week into allegations that a Taiwanese mobile handset maker infringed on Nokia patents

Global smartphone market growth estimates vary among research firms

The future smartphone market will definitely grow, but at what rate depends on which research firm you consult.

Mobile handset makers are at it again

They're at it again. Mobile handset operators are slogging it out in the courtroom, instead of competing in the marketplace.

Nokia puts HTC One's microphone on mute

Nokia succeeded this week in convincing an Amsterdam court to block STMicroelectronics from supplying HTC with the microphone used in its recently launched HTC One smartphone.

ComScore: Android's U.S. market share tumbles, iOS narrows gap

Apple's iOS narrowed Android's U.S. smartphone market share lead during the three-month period between December 2012 and February 2013, digital research firm comScore reports.

Rumor Mill: Facebook Home leak points to Android homescreen replacement

Leaked images obtained by Android Police suggest Facebook is poised to launch a replacement homescreen for Android smartphones, offering users an expanded number of permissions and controls compared to previous Facebook applications.

Facebook enters smartphone fray

Facebook has been working with mobile phone manufacturer HTC to develop an Android-based smartphone that showcases its social network and plans to unveil the phone on Thursday, according to a report by the New York Times.

Facebook promises 'new home' on Android, rumors hint at HTC Facebook phone

Facebook announced a press event April 4 to "come see our new home on Android." A number of reports indicate the company is planning to announce an HTC phone running a modified version of Android that offers deep and direct access to Facebook features including its News Feed, VoIP calling and messaging services.

HTC tries to lure customers at Samsung Galaxy S4 launch

HTC representatives wearing HTC One shirts passed out hot cocoa and promotional materials to the crowds lined up outside to get into Radio City Music Hall, which Samsung rented to put on the Galaxy S4 gala. But the Samsung competitor didn't stop with cocoa.