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Latest Headlines

IDC: The return of 4GLs to compete against both Web and native

A new cloud-based rapid apps development platform may make enterprises reconsider their stance on whether HTML5 and native code are the only two ways to go.

W3C: HTML5 is just about closer to taking the next step toward almost being done

It's something around which mobile app developers are already building business models, but the standards body in charge says these things take time to bake.

Actual mobile/desktop convergence: Sencha's Ext JS 5 weans the net from the Web

While the next generation of Sencha's HTML5 controls promise more beautiful tablet-style interaction, they also embrace a new style of writing programs that old HTML could never allow.

If mobile users prefer apps over browsers, is the Web damaged?

The latest data from comScore confirms the continuing trend of mobile device users steering clear of browsers and favoring apps. Is this bad?

IDC: HTML5 may never emerge from also-ran status

A blistering report from IDC's Al Hilwa blames the fragmented nature of platforms, and their vendors hedging their bets, for the state of the open Web platform.

Enterprises will need to master 10 mobile technologies, says Gartner

Enterprises grappling with mobility will need to master 10 mobile technologies and capabilities over the next three years, according to Nick Jones, vice president and distinguished analyst at Gartner.

News Scan: Analyst to BlackBerry: 'Be Hyundai'; Smart companies will embrace mobile BI in 2014; more

Quick takes on mobile IT news for Friday, 12/20 including: a Wedge Partners analyst's advice to BlackBerry on adjusting "tiers," another analyst's predictions for the fate of companies that strive to develop mobile BI, developers' change of focus from HTML5 to social media, U.K. plans for a universal charger and the growing trend of investments in mobile app vendors.

ON24 expands enterprise webcasting platform to mobile devices

ON24 is optimizing its enterprise webcasting platform for mobile audiences, citing increasing user access and engagement across iOS and Android devices.

Mozilla lures HTML5 developers with free Firefox OS phones

Mozilla is promising free Geeksphone Keon preview phones to developers who port their HTML5 applications to its fledgling Firefox OS.

Microsoft blasts Google over newest YouTube for Windows Phone block

Two days after Microsoft issued an overhauled YouTube video application for its Windows Phone operating system, Google has demanded the app's removal, triggering a scathing public response from Microsoft.