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Latest Headlines

5 enterprise apps that do mobile right

It seems like everyone is scrambling to offer productivity apps for mobile workers these days. Well, here are the top five most popular mobile enterprise apps, according to Wendyann Lewis with TabTimes.

Enterprises have a mobile security blind spot, warns IBM

Enterprises large and small are at risk from insecure mobile apps and mobile malware, particularly those that allow employees to bring their own devices to work. To give IT tools to combat these threat, IBM is bringing together technology from two of its recent acquisitions--Fiberlink and Trusteer.

IBM edges out Citrix, Good and VMware as top EMM vendor, says Gigaom Research

IBM is the top enterprise mobility management vendor, just edging out Citrix, Good, and VMware, according to a sector analysis by Cormac Foster, research director of Gigaom Research.

DevOps in the enterprise: Big Blue 'proves' it works

There's an argument that DevOps doesn't work at an enterprise scale. And it's understandable. Most DevOps initiatives start with small teams--maybe so small you can count all the members on your fingers and have a couple of digits left over.

Spotlight: Brewery Master app analyzes brewery tweets, presents 'a psychographic vibe'

Check out the Watson in the Wild blog post on the Brewery Master app to analyze tweets from or about any given brewery. There's a nifty flow chart in that post showing how Brewery Master works...

Live updates reducing public cloud downtime

The bad news is that a Xen Security Advisory sent to public cloud providers has prompted an update to various infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS), which means rebooting the systems. The good news is that IaaS providers have improved their live update capabilities to reduce the number of complete reboots.

Apple, IBM partnership releases 3 more mobile enterprise apps

Apple and IBM have revealed three more enterprise apps developed through their partnership, according to reports from Mobile World Congress. MobileFirst for iOS, the joint effort announced in July, has released 14 apps to date and promised to push at least eight more by the end of the month.

IBM, Juniper bringing embedded analytics to switches

IBM and Juniper Networks are working together to build networking infrastructure with built-in analytics that take advantage of big data to boost performance of applications.

Spotlight: You're doing DevOps wrong

We hate to break it to you, but according to IBM, you're not doing DevOps right. Nope, not even you.

IBM enables in-house Bluemix PaaS

IBM is intent on capturing more of the platform-as-a-service (PaaS) market. At IBM InterConnect 2015 in Las Vegas, Big Blue unveiled plans to release the Bluemix software so that enterprises could deploy their own on-premise Bluemix platforms.