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Latest Headlines

Spotlight: HP buys Voltage to put spark in its cloud, data security portfolio

HP has agreed to acquire data security firm Voltage Security to beef up its cloud and big data security credentials.

IT teams are failing to take basic security steps, says Cisco survey

To keep up with evolving attack methods, IT security teams need to stay one step ahead of cybercriminals. Unfortunately, more than half of IT security teams say they are not taking basic security steps, according to a survey of chief information security officers and security operations execs at 1,700 companies by Cisco.

US banks lobby Congress for law to force retailers to pick up tab for breaches

U.S. banks and credit unions are lobbying Congress for legislation that would force retailers to pick up the tab for data breaches, according to a report by Infosecurity Magazine.

IT security maturity model helps firms build consensus, prioritize investment and show progress

Using a maturity model for their information security program will help enterprises build consensus, prioritize investment and demonstrate progress, argues a new report from the Information Security Forum.

Government requests for customer information are on the rise, says Google

Google received close to 32,000 data requests from governments for information related to criminal investigations in the first half of 2014, up 15 percent from the second half of 2013 and 150 percent from 2009 when the search giant first began publishing the data.

IT security spending to reach $77B by 2015, says Gartner

Spending on IT security is forecast by Gartner to increase 8 percent year-over-year in 2014, reaching $71 billion, and another 8.2 percent year-over-year in 2015 to total $77 billion.

A dual approach to risk management and mitigation of cyber threats

Certainly, the first line of defense is the company, its systems, and its employees. With every successful hack comes costly fixes--from diagnostics and business interruption losses to liability exposures to third parties. For those costs--now seemingly unavoidable--there are insurance policies of almost every sort, scope, and nature.

Ponemon: Infosec pros focusing more on protecting info than technology

Read that headline again, because it's meant to be good news. Governance strategies advise businesses to focus on protecting information and helping people.

Target CISO takes over at a time of consumer anger with data breaches

Target's new chief information security officer Brad Maiorino takes the reins of the retailer's IT security program at a time of growing consumer anger at retailers for data breaches.

You can add poor IT security to the list of the VA's woes

Long wait times that may have resulted in patient deaths and poor management at the Department of Veterans Affairs led last week to the resignation of VA Secretary Eric Shinseki. And now, a new report by the VA's Office of the Inspector General says that IT security can be added to the list of the VA's problems.