Latest Headlines

Latest Headlines

Report: Instagram adding video to combat growth of Twitter's Vine

Facebook will add video capture capabilities to Instagram, bringing the photo sharing application in line with rival Twitter's popular Vine,  TechCrunch  reports.

Facebook finally launches hashtag support

Facebook is introducing support for hashtags across its social networking platform.

Could Yahoo's Tumblr acquisition be the next Instagram?

This week, Yahoo confirmed it would be acquiring visual micro-blogging platform Tumblr in a deal worth $1.1 billion, one of its largest acquisitions to date. The deal is already drawing comparisons to Facebook's $715 million acquisition of Instagram, and it is easy to see why.

New Google+ photo allowance will make big data even bigger

Google is betting the way to users' hearts is through their photos.

Instagram launches Facebook-inspired photo tagging

Instagram is rolling out Photos for You, a new feature enabling iOS and Android users to add Facebook-style tags to images.

Facebook, Instagram most visited social apps in March, Mobidia finds

According to new findings provided exclusively to  FierceMobileContent  by Mobidia, Facebook and Facebook's Instagram service were the most-viewed mobile social apps last month.

Which social apps are dominating the mobile user experience?

Facebook is no longer content simply being on your smartphone: It wants to control your mobile user experience lock, stock and barrel. Earlier this month, the company rolled out Facebook Home, an alternative Android launcher promising users more immediate and efficient access to Facebook services, deeply integrating the social networking platform into the mobile user experience.

Google+ for iPhone adds Instagram-like photo filters

Google released an updated version of its Google+ social networking application for Apple's iPhone, adding photo-filtering features to rival Facebook's popular Instagram.

Rumor Mill: HTC's Facebook phone will preload Instagram, Messenger

Facebook is reportedly teaming with manufacturer HTC on a new social networking-themed smartphone that pre-installs a number of popular Facebook applications.

Facebook blocks access to Instagram rival Vintage Camera

Facebook is blocking Presselite's photo-sharing application Vintage Camera from accessing its social media platform, a move Presselite hints is tied to Facebook's 2012 acquisition of rival photo app Instagram.