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Latest Headlines

Spotlight: Lloyd's Premier customers had banking details stolen

UK insurance provider Lloyd's is informing thousands of its Premier account customers that their banking information was stolen, The Guardian reported today. 

Spotlight: The Internet of Things and your insurance costs

I've said any number of times, in these pages and elsewhere, that we as a society are not ready for the convergence of all the  concepts  we are creating that culminate from these new technologies, into one arena of public discourse.

Kill switches could save consumers $2.6 billion, study says

The adoption of kill switches in mobile phones could save consumers $2.6 billion annually if made mandatory, a move which has strong support by the public, a new study reveals.

Spending on utilities' security will reach $8.4B this year, says Visiongain

A renewed emphasis on the security of utilities infrastructure will spur $8.4 billion in security spending by companies and governments this year, predicts market research firm Visiongain.

Insurance firm bets on social media

To interact more effectively with clients and to optimize product development, Celina Insurance is putting social media to better use. To help its 600 independent agents collaborate more successfully and engage more fully with clients, the company wants to make it easier to communicate across distances and schedules.

Cyber insurance decisions require IT's input

The cost of data breaches is on the rise, and insurance companies have responded by making more network liability protection available. The cost of this insurance can seem prohibitive, however, and

What cyber insurance does and doesn't cover

As the cost of data breaches rises, cyber liability insurance is taking on a higher profile. While insurance can mitigate the financial risks of a breach, it remains a challenge figuring out exactly