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Latest Headlines

Intel makes $60M investment in Chinese drone maker Yuneec

In effort to stay ahead of the drone tech curve, Intel announced this week an investment of more than $60 million in Chinese drone manufacturer Yuneec.

Intel, BlueData partner in on-premises Hadoop-as-a-Service, Spark-as-a-Service

BlueData's vision is to enable Hadoop-as-a-Service or Spark-as-a-Service on-premises. Intel and a few others apparently share that vision because those investors just collectively bet $20 million in Series C funding for the company. But Intel went a big step further and teamed with BlueData to mash up BlueData's infrastructure software for big data with Intel's data center architecture based on Intel Xeon.

Intel raises $100 million for Mirantis OpenStack investment

Intel appears to be getting even more heavily into OpenStack – and in a big way. The company's Intel Capital arm led a $100 million round of funding for pure play OpenStack vendor Mirantis.

Intel unveils security bracelet that unlocks the wearer's computer

Intel unveiled Tuesday at its developers' forum a wearable specifically designed for the enterprise – a security bracelet that authenticates the wearer and unlocks his or her computer.

Intel shows off waking Windows 10 machine with voice command

At yesterday's Intel Developer Forum, the chip maker demonstrated how, combined with Windows 10, its Skylake processor can let people wake up their computers with their voice, according to several reports including one from PCWorld.

LinuxCon kicks off with new projects for mainframe, storage

As you may be aware, LinuxCon kicked off yesterday, and there has been plenty of news coming out of the conference so far. And in the last several years, the number of vendors backing Linux-based projects has skyrocketed. Many of those are present at the conference this week.

Intel has already exceeded its diversity goals for entire year

After setting ambitious goals for hiring a more diverse workforce, Intel released a mid-year report that shows it has exceeded its goals for the entire year.

To incent employees to refer minority candidates, Intel dangles dollars

Intel is using a tried and true incentive in hopes of boosting the number of women, minorities and veterans on its payroll: money. The company is giving $4,000 to employees who recommend candidates who will improve diversity in its ranks, according to a Wall Street Journal article.

CERN opts for OpenFlow for SDN capabilities

Software-defined networking – and OpenFlow, in particular – got a boost last week when CERN signed a deal to have Brocade to help create a long-term SDN strategy. So in some ways, SDN...

Intel announcements confirm earnings slump, slowing of Moore's Law

Intel found itself in the news for two unrelated, but equally disappointing, reasons yesterday as the firm announced significant profit declines for the last quarter and also a delay in releasing 10nm processors until 2017.