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Latest Headlines

UPDATED: Intel may be moving away from mobile and tablets, but PCs still fit perfectly into the chip giant's plans

Intel is already making moves to close down its smartphone and tablet business, a move that has been rumored since Intel announce a radical restructuring just shy of two weeks ago. Still, others were confused about exactly what things would change as Intel's focus evolved, wondering if PCs might be next on the chopping block.   

Intel's updated development IoT kit lets developers use Bluemix, Watson, Brillo and more

Intel apparently wants developers to have as easy a time as possible building useful, intelligent wearables, gadgets, robots and drones. The latest version of the company's development kit for Internet of Things devices has been released.

As Intel restructures, tablets could be shown the door

As Intel restructures, it has begun distancing itself from basic tablets, a move reminiscent of its quick jump back from netbooks nearly a decade ago.  

Intel restructure looks beyond PCs, could drop up to 12,000 employees

Intel announced a rather large restructuring which would move the company away from being PC-focused, and could come with job cuts potentially totalling up to 12,000 positions globally.

Intel's $15 computer aims to take on IoT development

Intel has shipped what could be the least expensive computer it has ever made. According to Intel's product brief for the tech, the $15 Quark Microcontroller Developer Kit D2000 is aimed at Internet of Things development.

Intel extends availability of big data platform, announces updates

Intel's free, open-source big data Trusted Analytics Platform will now be available on cloud provider Rackspace. TAP is already available on Amazon Web Services and on OVH, a European cloud provider.

Server makers release new products featuring Intel's zippy new chip

Now that Intel has announced its quickest 22-core Broadwell chip, the rash of new hardware capitalizing on the tech can begin flooding the market.

Intel reportedly has plans in the augmented reality market

Intel will reportedly jump into the crowded augmented reality arena with a wearable headset of its own, according to a report from the Wall Street Journal.

IRS' potential loss could be Google's $3.5B gain

Intel isn't the only tech leader likely to benefit if the company wins its tax dispute with the Internal Revenue Service. Google also could be in for a windfall if the IRS loses its international tax dispute with Intel, according to a Wall Street Journal report.

AT&T, Intel partner on LTE network to connect drones flying beyond line of sight

AT&T's Internet of Things team will be working with Intel to evaluate the performance of its LTE network at higher altitudes, to see if such a network would be reliable when flying drones beyond line of sight, the companies announced Monday.