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Latest Headlines

Intel uses big data and wearables to battle Parkinson's disease

Intel has partnered with the Michael J. Fox Foundation to tackle Parkinson's disease. Unlike other efforts, this one uses wearables to collect much of that data.

Intel acquires network chip maker Axxia from Avago, buys itself some time

In one of the most rapidly growing new markets in the history of technology, Intel may have made a strategic play that brings diverging paths into some kind of alignment.

Devices based on new Intel Broadwell chip to arrive by end-2014

Expect faster, slimmer laptops and tablets with Broadwell, Intel's  fifth-generation Core processor.

News Scan: Mobile chip makers look to boost security; Marketers look at mobile under a new light; more

Check out the hottest mobile IT news for August 11, including the plans some chip makers have to make their products more secure, some fresh ideas in the mobile marketing space, whether Britain's mobile infrastructure is inherently flawed, T-Mobile's step to help unlock their phones and the airports with the best mobile networks.

Silicon Valley wage-theft settlement is $50M shy, says judge

A federal judge has rejected the proposed $324.5 million wage-theft anti-trust settlement in the well-publicized Silicon Valley wage-fixing case, saying the amount is not nearly enough.

Intel: SDN is a 'long-term play', NFV a 'big deal'

The latest word from the CPU maker on the subject of equipping server CPUs with NFV functionality is that there's enough demand from telcos to make it happen, that it simply has to happen.

Intel hopes asynchronous OpenSSL will thwart future Heartbleed

Now that the dangers of an insecure session-layer security library are crystal clear to the world, Intel is one of the companies contributing improvements to its open source version.

Intel preview: Will the next Xeon include SDN, NFV 'inside?'

Special coverage of the CPU maker's invitation-only event may reveal whether Xeon-based servers, available before the end of this year, could accelerate SDN and NFV.

New Intel SSD Pro 2500 SSD drives offer enterprise-class reliability, security

Intel's new solid state drives offer onboard hardware-based encryption and greater reliability than ever. 

For Intel, mobile success remains elusive

Intel, the chip powerhouse for PCs, has been struggling to gain a significant foothold in the mobile chip market dominated by Qualcomm.